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Tumescent Anesthesia

Dr Greenberg Offers Cosmetic Surgery With Tumescent Anesthesia

When you elect to have cosmetic surgery, wouldn’t you rather do so knowing the cost of cosmetic surgery, side effects and recovery time wouldn’t cause you to second-guess your decision? Now you can.

With today’s tumescent anesthesia, you can improve upon your appearance without incurring the cost and risk associated with “going to sleep” under general anesthesia. Skilled cosmetic surgeon Dr Alan Greenberg gives women in Frisco, Plano and Dallas the option of in-office cosmetic surgery with tumescent anesthesia.

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FAQs about Tumescent Anesthesia

FAQ for Tumescent Anesthesia

What is tumescent anesthesia?

Also known as “awake” or “local,” tumescent anesthesia maximizes safety and minimizes risks associated with general anesthesia.

The word tumescent means swollen, and that’s precisely the effect the tumescent solution (saline, lidocaine and adrenaline) has on body tissues. It plumps and firms the tissue while it anesthetizes so you can remain awake and pain-free, while cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Greenberg have greater control, accuracy and safety. Because the tumescent anesthesia is only placed in the area to be treated, there is also minimal risk of treating an unwanted area or entering a dangerous area erroneously.

Why is tumescent anesthesia a safer option?

Anytime you can avoid general anesthesia, you should. Well-publicized risks include respiratory problems, stroke, heart attack and even death.

The vasoconstrictor element (adrenaline) of tumescent anesthesia helps prevent blood loss during surgery because it constricts the blood vessels. Lidocaine acts both as a pain reliever and a bacteriostatin so you’re better protected from infection. Tumescent anesthesia also offers the advantages of diminished bruising, faster recovery and less pain after surgery.

Why are awake procedures better?

Although rare, lung infections, stroke, heart attack and even death can occur with general anesthesia. Advances in technology now enable highly trained cosmetic surgeons to perform certain procedures like breast augmentation under local anesthesia.

Awake but pain-free, patients can comfortably interact with Dr. Greenberg during cosmetic surgery to provide input on breast size and body contouring. Awake techniques offer women a more affordable alternative to surgeries that enlist general anesthesia. It also allows for less initial discomfort and downtime following surgery.

How does tumescent surgery work?

Dr Greenberg will first numb the fatty tissue in the operative area with a tumescent solution. This mix of a local anesthetic (lidocaine) and adrenaline completely numbs the area, reduces bleeding and causes the tissue to plump and tighten (tumescent means ‘swollen’). Tumescent surgery does not require hospitalization or an anesthesiologist.

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