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All About Brazilian Butt Lifts

In this blog, we will talk about fat transfers to the buttocks, better known as Brazilian Butt Lifts. Brazilian Butt Lifts involve liposuction of various parts of the body, and use the fat retrieved from the liposuction to inject into the buttocks. This will give you nicer, fuller and more shapely buttocks. Not only do you get the advantage of liposuction, but you get to take advantage of the fat retrieved with liposuction.

Most people do not realize that half of the results from the Brazilian Butt Lift comes from aggressive liposuction of the waist and the sacral area. This part of the procedure gives you a nice transition to the buttocks, and gives your buttocks a better projection and shape. Often, liposuction also needs to be done to the lateral hip area for a better shape and transition. The fat retrieved can then be placed into various parts of the buttocks to give you a more full and better shape.

Are Brazilian Butt Lifts safe?

Brazilian Butt Lifts are one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures in the United States and in the world. Unfortunately, fat transfers to the buttocks have received a bad name in the last few years due to the number of deaths that have been associated with this procedure.
These deaths have occurred from inadvertent injection of fat into the blood system during the fat transfer portion of the procedure, causing fat embolisms to the lung and the heart. A fat embolism is fat that gets into the blood system. The lung and the heart have a bad reaction to the fat, and in the majority of cases complicated by fat embolisms, death follows.

Our procedure is safer

The best way to lessen the chance for fat embolism is to inject the fat into the fatty area of the buttocks, and to avoid any injections into the muscles of the buttocks.

Only approximately 50% to 70% of the fat injected during Brazilian Butt Lifts actually lives and stays more than a month after the procedure. It was once thought that injecting fat into the gluteal muscle allowed more fat to remain after the procedure. But, we now know that the large blood vessels involved in the injuries leading to fat embolism lie below the muscles of the buttocks.

Keeping the fat between the muscle and the skin of the buttocks dramatically lessens and often prevents the occurrence of fat embolism.

Preventing fat embolism is best achieved by using an ultrasound device when injecting the fat. The ultrasound allows the physician to visualize an appropriate space where the fat is to be injected during the actual fat injection. Also, using a larger cannula to inject the fat, as well as placing the incisions for the fat injection above the buttocks, lessens the risks of injury to these underlying blood vessels.

So, when picking a surgeon to perform Brazilian Butt Lifts, make sure they use an ultrasound to inject the fat into the proper area, use the appropriate location for incisions for the fat transfer, and use a larger-bore cannula to lessen the chance for injury during the procedure that may lead to death.

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