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Tighten Skin on the Upper Body with Renuvion

Tighten skin on the upper body with Renuvion to refresh your appearance

If you find your spirits sagging when you see drooping skin around your neck, arms, back and other areas of the upper body, then take advantage of our minimally invasive Renuvion® treatment. Alan Greenberg MD, our Frisco cosmetic surgeon, can tighten skin with this state-of-the-art technology.

Formerly used for other medical procedures under the name of J-Plasma®, the Renuvion device uses medical-grade helium gas on a targeted area. Tissue immediately contracts and it continues to tighten over the next several months. There is no need to create a long incision to excise lax skin, and the cool plasma technology prevents thermal damage to delicate areas.

Double up to tighten skin while eliminating fat

At the same time, our Frisco cosmetic surgeon can remove small, diet-resistant fat deposits via VASER liposuction. Tumescent fluid helps separate the unwanted fat from the surrounding tissues and muscle, making it easier to remove. In addition, the solution does double-duty as an anesthetic. The liposuction and Renuvion devices also utilize the same tiny incisions, so scars are extremely small.

Renuvion is ideal for subtle changes to the upper body

Small changes can yield big boosts to your self-esteem. Gravity, sun damage and weight fluctuations cause skin to lose its elasticity. Don’t give up low-cut necklines, sleeveless blouses, backless dresses and form-fitting attire because of your age. Skin tightening cosmetic technology can address the following areas.

  • Neck. Tighten skin to remove wrinkles around the neck and the bit of fat under the chin. It’s an ideal way to address a “turkey neck” without an invasive neck lift.
  • Arms. Eliminate or reduce “bat wings,” the flapping skin under the arms, without the large incision and recovery time of a brachioplasty. The procedure will tone and tighten those arms.
  • Back. Bra lines don’t have to be a permanent feature. The fibrous tissue on the upper and lower back responds well to Renuvion. Skin contracts to appear smoother and minor “love handles” disappear.
  • Abdomen. Renuvion can be a quick and easy way for those already in shape to get a firm abdomen. Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon removes small fat deposits with liposuction and then tightens the excess skin rather than excising it.

Make a firm decision

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