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Tummy Tucks

Dr. Alan Greenberg Performs Minimally Invasive Tummy Tucks to Slim and Sculpt.

Today’s tummy tuck has evolved. Busy, financially savvy women and men reap the benefits of a more affordable and streamlined solution for fine-tuning their physiques. Dr. Alan Greenberg performs the relatively new lipoabdominoplasty, a minimally invasive cosmetic combination, under tumescent (local) anesthesia in an office setting.

What is Lipoabdominoplasty?

It is a revolutionary minimally invasive tummy tuck technique that can be safely and effectively performed as an office procedure under local tumescent anesthesia.

By combining liposuction (removing excess fat) and a minimally invasive tummy tuck (removing excess skin) into a single operation, lipoabdominoplasty gives you the body contour and shape you desire, with a quicker, less painful recovery and decreased postoperative risks and complications. For instance, lipoabdominoplasty patients benefit from a diminished risk of numbness after surgery.

Another advantage to lipoabdominoplasty under local anesthesia. After liposuction, you can safely and painlessly stand up so Dr. Greenberg can map out exactly how much skin to remove with the subsequent tummy tuck. With the patient lying down, a doctor must “guess-timate” and may fail to achieve optimal aesthetic results.

As with traditional tummy tucks, Dr. Greenberg performs belly button correction for picture-perfect outcomes.

Who is a candidate for tummy tucks?

Not everyone is a candidate for tummy tucks, but Dr. Greenberg can discuss this with you in a free consultation. If you have diabetes, liver problems and various other medical conditions or require extensive cosmetic surgery, lipoabdominoplasty is not a viable option.

As part of a mommy makeover, lipoabdominoplasty can transform your appearance and boost your confidence. The best part, you’ll rise and stand immediately after the procedure to see immediate results. If you live in Frisco, Plano or Dallas and surrounding areas and want more information on tummy tucks, including mini tummy tucks or extended tummy tucks to minimize love handles, call Dr. Greenberg’s team to learn about these affordable, in-office procedures.

Traditional tummy tucks

  • Performed under general anesthesia
  • Uses surgical drains
  • Requires electrocautery to prevent blood loss and is associated with a higher risk for requiring a blood transfusion
  • Involves longer operating time
  • Associated with longer recovery times
  • More costly than lipoabdominoplasty


  • Performed using local anesthesia and iv sedation (no general anesthesia)
  • Rarely requires surgical drains
  • Minimal bleeding, so doesn’t require electrocautery, and has an extremely low risk for requiring a blood transfusion
  • Less operating time than traditional tummy tucks
  • Less recovery time than traditional tummy tucks
  • More affordable than traditional tummy tucks