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Lipoabdominoplasty Advantages

Lipoabdominoplasty advantages include a shorter recovery and better results

Patients seeking solutions for protruding abdominal muscles, stubborn fat deposits and loose skin will find that the lipoabdominoplasty advantages outweigh those of a traditional tummy tuck. This minimally invasive procedure eliminates the risks associated with general anesthesia. Additionally, patients can return home the same day with a smoother, flatter abdomen.

Dr. Alan Greenberg performs all procedures in the comfort of our clinic with tumescent and IV sedation. Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon uses the latest techniques to achieve superior results with a faster and easier recovery.

“Awake” anesthesia leads to many lipoabdominoplasty advantages

The tumescent solution for “awake” anesthesia serves dual purposes. Comprised of lidocaine, adrenaline and saline, the solution is injected into the targeted area to plump and firm the tissue while separating it from the abdominal wall. The lidocaine relieves pain and provides a bacteriostatin to protect from infection. Adrenaline is a vasoconstrictor that helps prevent blood loss. Together, the elements of this solution prime the area for better liposuction results.

Removing the unwanted fat first leaves our Frisco cosmetic surgeon with a pocket of space for better surgical control. Dr. Greenberg tightens the fascia tissue covering the abdominal wall, removes the excess skin and repositions the navel, as needed. Patients can go home soon after the procedure and return to work about two weeks later.

The risks tied to a traditional tummy tuck

Old-fashioned tummy tucks are more invasive. They also require general anesthesia because the surgeon must separate the skin and tissue by undermining the anterior abdominal flap (skin and fat). This process cuts vessels and nerves, resulting in more blood loss. Healing also takes longer. Drains are required to remove body fluids after surgery. Not only that, the routine risks of general anesthesia include lung infections, respiratory distress, stroke and possibly death.

The benefits add up

In addition to a modern tummy tuck being a safer procedure with a faster recovery, there are other lipoabdominoplasty advantages.

  • More affordable. Patients can avoid the costs of an overnight hospitalization.
  • Avoid drains. Small 3 mm liposuction incisions allow the tumescent fluid to leave the body after the procedure.
  • Reduce chance of infection. Since patients return home the same day, there is less chance of acquiring an infection during hospitalization.
  • Better results. Liposuction provides optimal body sculpting.

To learn how women and men in Frisco, Plano, Dallas and North Texas are getting better results with a modern tummy tuck, contact our Frisco cosmetic surgeon. Learn about the lipoabdominoplasty advantages to discover a safer procedure that provides you with a beautifully sculpted body.

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