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Brachioplasty Reshapes Upper Arms For A Smoother, More Contoured Look

Fluctuations in weight, age and even genetics can cause upper arms to sag and become flabby. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alan Greenberg and his team at Frisco’s North Texas Cosmetic Surgery now offer the brachioplasty cosmetic procedure.  Also known as an arm lift, brachioplasty reshapes the under portion of the upper arm to give you the contoured look you want.

After extreme weight loss, people are often left with significant amounts of skin hanging under their arms, sometimes appearing almost wing-like. While exercise may strengthen and improve the underlying muscle tone of the upper arm, it cannot address excess skin that has lost elasticity.  Brachioplasty is one of the top four cosmetic surgery procedures performed following massive weight loss, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Whether you want to contour and tighten your upper arms after weight loss or you have sagging upper arms as a result of aging and genetics Dr. Greenberg can perform an arm lift to:

  • Decrease the appearance of sagging underarms
  • Contour and shape the arms resulting in a smoother appearance, and
  • Leave your arms looking toned and tightened

Who is a candidate for brachioplasty?

Dr. Greenberg suggests that brachioplasty candidates be in good health and maintain a stable weight as well as a healthy diet and lifestyle.  It’s also important to not smoke. If you’re looking at an arm lift to help contour arms after weight loss, Dr. Greenberg suggests that patients be stabilized at or near your ideal weight before having the procedure.

What to Expect from an Arm Lift

Every patient at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery is unique. Some patients with a small amount of extra skin may be candidates for a mini brachioplasty. While others may require a standard arm lift. When you meet with Dr. Greenberg at your free initial consultation, he will discuss the choices in brachioplasty and address any concerns you may have.

An arm lift typically takes one to three hours, depending on the extent of the surgery and is an outpatient procedure. It requires only tumescent anesthesia without the need for more invasive general or twilight  anesthesia.

You should expect some swelling, bruising and mild discomfort after the procedure, but your arm should appear trim and toned almost immediately. Dr. Greenberg can prescribe prescription pain medication to help alleviate this pain. Most swelling should subside within the first four to six weeks, and within three to six months, the final result will be fully evident.

The improvements resulting from brachioplasty are permanent providing the patient does not gain a significant amount of weight.

To learn how brachioplasty can give you more sculpted, sleeker arms, contact us at Frisco’s North Texas Cosmetic Surgery to schedule your consultation with Dr. Greenberg