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Breast Implant Sizes

Choosing The Right Breast Implant Sizes

Once a patient decides on breast augmentation, the next question is what are the options? Researching breast implants can be overwhelming and confusing. At North Texas Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Alan Greenberg sees patients from Plano, Frisco and Dallas and provides options, education and resources needed to help make that decision.

Know the pros and cons of the different kinds of breast implants

Dr. Greenberg offers two types of breast implants for a natural-looking breast augmentation – saline-filled implants and silicone-gel implants. Dr. Greenberg can discuss the pros and cons of both and help you get the results you want.

What to expect with a saline-filled breast implant

Saline-filled breast implants contain a silicone outer shell, just like silicone implants, but they are filled with a sterile saltwater (saline) solution. Because they can be filled after implanting, the incision area is often smaller, and the size can be adjusted. Using a syringe, Dr. Greenberg can add or remove fluid to get the perfect size you want.

The main advantage of the saline-filled breast implant is that if it ruptures, the saltwater solution is harmless when absorbed by the body. Another rupture-related advantage of saline breast implants is that the implant deflates immediately, compared to a silicone implant that slowly leaks into the body with little detection that a rupture has occurred.

Saline implants come in different sizes and textures and are approved for women 18 years and older.

What to expect with silicone gel-filled breast implants

Most women feel that silicone breast implants feel and look more natural than saline implants. Both breast implant options have a silicone outer shell, but silicone implants are pre-filled with a thick silicone gel that mimics the feel of your natural breast. Because they are prefilled, the patient should expect a larger incision area. In addition, the size is not adjustable after implanting. During your consultation, Dr. Greenberg will discuss the sizes and textures available, and together you will determine the best size for you.

Unlike saline implants, if a silicone gel implant ruptures, it slowly leaks into the body often without detection. It is because of this reason that the FDA banned the use of silicone implants in the early 1990s. The ban has since been lifted and there are now many advancements in silicone implants.

It’s about you

Regardless if saline or silicone, Dr. Greenberg can perform your breast augmentation in office using tumescent local anesthesia, an “awake” anesthesia associated with fewer risks, a faster recovery and decreased costs. Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Greenberg to discuss your hopes and expectations for cosmetic surgery.