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Breast Width

What is breast width and what is its importance in breast augmentation?

Breast width is the measurement of your breast from where it enters the chest wall on one side of the breast to where it exits on the other side of the same breast. The importance of breast width with breast augmentation is that you should never choose a breast implant that is wider in diameter than your breast width.
Why? Choosing a breast implant wider in diameter than your actual breast width can lead to over dissection of the breast area, in many cases, and can cause one or both implants to shift too far toward the middle of the chest wall or too far toward the side of your chest laterally. The former can lead to symmastia where one breast moves too far toward the other breast and can cause both implants to touch. It can also cause your implant to move too far toward the axillae. Rippling and other abnormalities are also more frequent when choosing an implant wider than your true breast width.

Choosing the breast implant size that fits your body

Choosing a breast implant wider than your breast width occurs most frequently when a surgeon tries to force a larger implant than what is appropriate for their patient’s body. That’s why at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery, Dr Greenberg and his staff always discuss your desired implant size with you and explain what will and will not fit your body.

Luckily implants come in different diameters (widths) and projections. Implants come in high, moderate and low projection sizes. High projection implants are narrower and project outward from the chest wall the most. Low projection implants are the widest and project outward from the chest wall the least. Choosing too narrow of an implant may not give you the look you desire either.
That is why women in the north Texas, Plano, Frisco, Allen and McKinney area trust Dr Alan Greenberg to help them pick the implant that will give them the best appearance for their body. Contact us for more information.