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Managing Breast Augmentation Expectations

Managing breast augmentation expectations is key

Women contemplating breast augmentation or other cosmetic surgery procedures, often see idealized images in the media or retouched pictures online. They imagine they can get the same results with surgery. Dr. Alan Greenberg urges potential patients to look at pictures of similar body types having the same surgeries, describe their breast augmentation expectations and ask plenty of questions.

Deciding whether a breast augmentation will provide the desired results

Request before and after breast pictures of any surgeon’s work. You should make sure the before images match your body type and address the same concerns. Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon recommends asking the following questions to manage your breast augmentation expectations.

  • What can I realistically expect?
  • How will the change look on my body?
  • How much time has passed between the “before” and “after” shots?

Judging before and after breast pictures

Doctors, like our Frisco cosmetic surgeon, usually require follow-up visits to ensure the body is healing properly. During these visits, they also take pictures for their files. Some of the images may show a body that is still in the healing process. Look at the following with a critical eye to manage your breast augmentation expectations.

  • Breast augmentation. A patient’s unique build may affect placement. Choosing silicone or saline implants can vary the shape of the breasts. It usually takes up to four months for the implants to settle into place.
  • Breast lift/mastopexy. Swelling may initially affect the appearance of the breast shape and contour. Discoloration and pigmentation of the incision area will be more obvious during the first year after surgery. Allow six to twelve months to get a better idea of the results.
  • Breast reduction. Soon after surgery, swelling may make the breasts appear temporarily asymmetrical. It will be hard to judge the quality of the incision placements when scars are red. It may take a year for them to fade and almost two years to see results.

Look for problem areas to manage your breast augmentation expectations

People often see what they want. Therefore, they may overlook the subtle differences that can signal problems with a surgeon’s skill. Also, a patient may have demanded something that was not ideal for her body type. Carefully examine these areas in before and after breast pictures.

Side views

  • Bottoming out or “double bubble.” An uneven curve appears below the nipple line.
  • Implant rippling. The edges of the implant may be visible in patients with low body fat.

Front views

  • Symmastia or “bread loafing.” Implants placed too close together will not allow a natural valley between the breasts.
  • Breast asymmetry. Surgery often helps mismatched breasts become better balanced, although perfection is very difficult. The after images should be as good or better than those before.

See yourself with beautiful breasts

The only way to make an informed decision about pursuing a breast surgery is to meet with an expert. Contact our Frisco cosmetic surgeon for a free consultation. See how women in Frisco, Plano, Dallas and North Texas are achieving picture-perfect breasts for their unique body types.