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Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

Perfecting Your Profile with Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

Whether you want your breasts to be larger or smaller, changing their size is a relatively routine procedure that can enhance your profile and the fit of your clothes. Most women want to increase the size of their breasts. Others find their large breasts cumbersome and want a reduction. Although complications are rare, they can occur. There is always a chance that your body will not respond as you expected or you misjudged the size that appealed to you. Breast augmentation revision surgery offers you a second chance to perfect your profile.

Reasons for breast augmentation revision surgery

Our North Dallas cosmetic surgeon encounters many situations that lead women to explore their options for breast augmentation revision surgery. Dr. Alan Greenberg works with women who wish to correct or enhance previous results.

Breast makeunders: Sometimes too much of a good thing can cause back pain and discomfort. Or you may want to remove saline from an implant or replace large implants with a smaller size.

Deflated implants: If you notice that your implanted breasts start to appear smaller or that one breast feels “spongy,” then your saline or silicone implant may have ruptured. You will need to address the issue before scar tissue fills the empty space.
Switch between silicone and saline: For reasons as diverse as each individual, you may decide that you would prefer the shape or feel of something different.

Capsular contracture: Fibrous scar tissue normally develops around a breast implant, creating a capsule around the structure. Trauma, radiation therapy, a low-grade infection or other factors can cause the scar tissue to “contract” and impede movement. You may need to have the scar tissue surgically released or remove the implant.

“Double bubble” complication: If your implant drops below the crease where the bottom of the breast meets your chest, it can look like you have two smaller breasts instead of one – a “double bubble.” Although rare, this complication can arise with weight gain during pregnancy or because implants are too large for the lower breasts to support. Capsular contraction can also cause the “double bubble” effect.

Making modifications to exceed your expectations

Dr. Greenberg is a cosmetic surgeon as well as a board-certified obgyn. He has more than two decades of experience examining women’s breasts. He offers breast augmentation revision surgery that involves removing or changing implants, performing breast lifts (mastopexies), repositioning implants above or below the pectoral muscles, manipulating scar tissue and much more.

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