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How is Awake Breast Augmentation Performed?

Awake Breast Augmentation is performed in an office surgical suite using local anesthesia (you remain awake). Time in surgery is typically one to three hours.
To begin the procedure, an incision is made in one of two primary locations:

  • Under the breast (inframammary incision)
  • Around the nipple (periareolar incision)

After the incision, a special surgical tool will be used to form a pocket so that the implant can be inserted. There are three primary positions where the implants can be placed.

  • Subglandular or above the pectoral muscles
  • Partial submuscular or partially behind the muscles
  • Complete submuscular or completely behind the muscles

The choice of incision and implant placement depend on the size and shape of the implant, your body frame, amount of breast tissue and the planned scar location.

Patients can choose between saline breast implants or silicone breast implants. Implant factors include the implant size, shape, and material, in addition to whether or not the implant volume can be adjusted after surgery, all of which should be discussed beforehand with your surgeon.

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