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Breast Symmastia

Dr. Alan Greenberg Performs Breast Symmastia Repair

As a skilled cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Alan Greenberg works with patients to enhance their appearance and boost confidence. One of the most common choices for cosmetic surgery is breast augmentation. Women often decide to increase their breast size or select a breast lift because they are unhappy with that feature on their bodies. Usually, breast augmentation results in a rounder, fuller shape, and most patients are satisfied with the decision. In some instances, Dr. Greenberg has consulted with patients needing symmastia repair after breast augmentation.

Understanding the development of symmastia

Most of the time, women undergo breast augmentation surgery with no complications. In rare cases, web-like soft tissue crosses the sternum, causing the breasts to migrate too far toward the midline.

Referred to as symmastia, this condition typically develops when:

  • Implants are placed too close together.
  • The implants are too large for the patient’s body.
  • Little fat or tissue covers the sternum, as in the case with very thin women.

Determining if you have symmastia

Symptoms of symmastia can appear at any point after breast augmentation surgery, from immediately to months later. Patients with symmastia often complain of a “uniboob” appearance. Certain tests like the “skin liftoff” evaluation will allow Dr. Greenberg to evaluate how close the skin between your breasts is to your sternum. Dr. Greenberg will perform a thorough assessment to determine if your case has developed into symmastia.

Correcting symmastia and restoring balance

Usually, symmastia repair involves removal of the implants and placement of internal sutures to reinforce the affected area. Dr. Greenberg will typically make an incision, remove the implant, suture the tissue, reinforce the implant placement and close the incision. Typically, the procedure takes a couple of hours.

Recovering from symmastia surgery

After a symmastia repair, you will experience some soreness and discomfort. For a few weeks, you will need to wear special undergarments that facilitate recovery and optimal results; this special “thong” bra is designed to stabilize the area and allow for proper healing. You may experience swelling, and your implants may seem higher than normal. Over time, the implants should fall into a more natural position.

Let Dr. Greenberg restore physical harmony

Although breast augmentation can transform your body and life, complications like symmastia can taint your appearance and lead to frustration. Dr. Greenberg can repair the symmastia and help you feel confident again. If you are living with symmastia, call our office today to schedule a consultation appointment.