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Breast Cancer Awareness: It Could Save Your Life

In cosmetic surgery, we are fortunate to see healthy breast tissue. Patients visit Dr. Greenberg for breast augmentations or lifts to enhance their appearances. Breast cancer, however, will affect one in eight women, so it’s important to take breast health seriously. Early detection significantly increases the odds of survival. Although you can’t completely eliminate your chances of developing breast cancer, you can follow these tips to reduce your risks:

Perform self-exams

Once a month, preferably at the same point after your menstrual cycle ends, you should check your own breasts. This systematic palpation of the breast can help you find any changes in tissue at an early stage.

Have a yearly breast exam

During your annual exam, your physician should perform a breast exam to look for anything unusual in your breasts and check for lumps.

Consider your family history

Make sure to find out if any female relatives have developed breast cancer and share this information with your physician. Depending on the situation, your doctor may suggest more frequent screenings.

Schedule regular mammograms

Beginning at age 40, you should have a mammogram each year. As the standard screening tool for breast cancer detection and identification of benign breast disease, mammograms can detect masses before they are palpable.

Don’t ignore the signs

If you feel a new or enlarging lump, notice breast shape changes, or experience a bloody or spontaneous discharge from your nipple, contact your doctor immediately. Pretending that you don’t have a problem could put your health at great risk.

Take care of yourself

Eating a healthy diet, exercising, and reducing stress will contribute to overall wellness.

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