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The ABCs and Double Ds of Breast Augmentation

You may have strived to earn all A’s in school, but feel like an A cup-size doesn’t quite make the grade. Dr. Alan Greenberg with North Texas Cosmetic Surgery routinely answers questions about breast enlargement options, and the best choice for a natural-looking outcome.

You may be surprised to learn that breast implants do not come in bra sizes (A, B, C, D) but are instead measured by the volume of liquid saline or silicone inside (cc’s). Dr. Greenberg’s website includes a helpful FAQ section if you are considering breast augmentation.

Think about the number of bras you’ve tried on in your lifetime, and the inconsistency of sizing. Are you a B at Victoria’s Secret, but an A at the department store’s lingerie department? Wish there was a fit for an “almost B”? There’s no industry standard in sizing. Also, Dr. Greenberg believes that women also tend to wear the wrong bra because they picture themselves in a certain size.

Now you understand why cosmetic surgeons never use cup size as a guideline, only a starting point in the conversation.

Which Size Breast Implant Will Best Suit Me?

When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Greenberg, he will discuss your options and learn about your goals for breast augmentation. First, your cosmetic surgeon will take your measurements and determine if your breasts measure the same on both sides.

Next, Dr. Greenberg determines your breast and ribcage size and chest shape to recommend a breast implant type and the number of cc’s to fill it.

The advantage to tumescent surgery, or awake breast augmentation, offered at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery is that patients can give their approval during surgery as the cosmetic surgeon fills the implant.

The team at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery can help you understand how the different types of breast implants and number of cc’s in the fill will determine the shape, weight and contour of your breasts. Contact Dr. Greenberg to schedule a consultation for breast augmentation.