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Making the Most of Mammograms

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Alan Greenberg and the entire North Texas Cosmetic Surgery team is thinking pink.

The key message you’ll hear everywhere, from NFL games to morning radio drive time, is this: Early detection is key. Dr. Greenberg reminds you to take extra measures at routine breast screenings by telling your clinic that you have had breast augmentation surgery.

If you have breast implants, mainstream mammography can miss the early formation of breast cancer. Dr. Greenberg advises his clients over the age of 40 to partner with a screening facility experienced in performing mammograms on women that have had breast enhancements.

Breast Cancer Screening with Breast Implants

After age 40, add an annual mammogram to regular clinical breast exams and monthly self-breast exams.

  1. Most importantly, inform your clinic. Let the scheduling staff know when you make the appointment that you have breast implants, and remind the clinicians when you arrive for your mammogram. The screening process for women with breast implants will involve special accommodations.
  2. During screening, your radiologist can capture views breast implants otherwise obscure.
  3. The radiologist reading your results should have training and experience with evaluating breast tissue surrounding breast implants.

Know Your Breast Cancer Risks

According to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, no scientific evidence exists to support the idea that either saline or silicone breast implants increase breast cancer risk.

Risk factors that you can control include maintaining a healthy weight, getting regular exercise and limiting alcohol consumption to one drink per day.

Dr. Greenberg prioritizes women’s health issues, and supports efforts to raise awareness about breast cancer. If you have questions about breast implants and associated screening techniques, please contact the office of North Texas Cosmetic Surgery.