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Candidates for Breast Lift Surgery

The reasons to pursue breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, are as individual as each woman’s appearance or history.

Sagging breasts do not pose a health risk; however many women feel uncomfortable when their upper chest appears flat, their nipples point downward below the inframammary fold (IMF), or the largest part of their breasts is located at the waist. However, they don’t have to live their lives with low spirits and a lifetime of droopy breasts.

Contraindications for breast lift candidates

Breast lifts may or may not interfere with your ability to breast feed your infant in the future. Therefore this should be considered before considering a lift. Also proper blood flow which affects the ability of the skin to heal properly can be negatively impacted by the following:

  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

You should also notify your cosmetic surgeon if you have a breast cancer risk or use aspirin.

Take the “pencil test” to see if you could use breast lift surgery

When the nipple and areola descend below the IMF, then you may want a mastopexy to restore the height, contour or size of your breasts. The best method to determine whether you are a candidate for a breast lift is the pencil test. Place a pencil under your breast at the crease and release your hands. If the pencil stays in place, then you may want to consult a cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Alan Greenberg.

A board certified obgyn and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Greenberg can tell you how he can improve the following conditions:

Long, narrow breasts that appear deflated: The repeated increase and decrease in the volume of the fat and milk glands during pregnancy can cause ptosis, or drooping of the breasts. You also experience changes in breast volume after significant weight loss.

Drooping breasts: The Cooper’s ligaments supporting the lower breasts may have become lax.

Enlarged areolas with downward-pointing nipples: Breastfeeding, hormonal changes, aging and other factors can cause changes in the areola and the nipples.

Uneven breasts: Muscle structure and heredity cause many women to have breasts at different levels.

Reduction of breast tissue: Removal of implants or standard breast reduction surgery requires reshaping.

Breast augmentation: The added weight of larger breasts may require a breast lift to support the implants.

Pick up ideas

If you’d like to know whether a breast lift can raise your self-image, then talk to Dr Greenberg and the team at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery. Contact us to find out if you are a candidate for a mastopexy.