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Cosmetic Fat Transfer Rejuvenates Your Face and Hands

Cosmetic fat transfer? It sounds too good to be true, but this innovative cosmetic procedure can enhance the face and hands, leading to a suppler and smoother appearance. If you wish for a more youthful appearance of the face and hands, Dr. Alan Greenberg has an answer: fat transfer.

Frisco cosmetic surgeon Dr. Greenberg recently attended the 29th annual scientific meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons in Las Vegas. At the meeting, he learned about some exciting new developments in fat transfer, and he’ll soon be offering fat transfer procedures at his practice–North Texas Cosmetic Surgery.

Cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Greenberg are talking about the stem cell quality of fat cells, and are eager to share the exciting applications with those that want to enhance their appearance through cosmetic procedures.

Fat Transfer Utilizes Healthy Stem Cells

Basically, everyone thinks of fat as a bad thing. We want to remove fat from our tummies, legs and arms. In the cosmetic surgery industry, fat isn’t always perceived as negative. Transferring fat from one place to another can actually rejuvenate the area. Fat contains stem cells that encourage collagen to grow. Recent studies from the University of Oklahoma and the University of California-Los Angeles show stem cells from fat help form functioning blood vessels and can even grow new bone. For cosmetic purposes, you may be more comfortable moving fat from your stomach to your face than putting synthetic materials into your face.

North Texas Cosmetic Surgery is investigating fat transfer and may soon offer the cosmetic procedure at its Frisco office. Fat transfer can rejuvenate your face and hands and give you a more youthful and energetic appearance. In addition, this leading-edge solution provides for natural-looking results with natural fat from your own body.

Dr. Greenberg is excited to offer a new and invigorating option for patients to achieve facial rejuvenation. Contact us to set up a consultation with Dr. Greenberg.