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Daddy Do-Over

Sign on for a daddy do-over when signs of aging become apparent

As men age and testosterone diminishes, they experience some of the same changes as women when it comes to stubborn fat deposits and lax skin. The dreaded dad bod usually occurs when participation in team sports and visits to the gym decline and restaurant meals increase. Attending to the needs of employers and families takes a toll, and men can gain confidence from a fresher, more chiseled appearance. Fortunately, men are taking advantage of procedures that women have been utilizing after their childbearing years. Instead of a mommy makeover, Alan Greenberg MD, board certified in cosmetic surgery of the body, breasts and extremities, offers male clients a daddy do-over.

Candidates for a daddy do-over

A daddy do-over is not a strategy for weight loss. It is a series of procedures to address the specific changes that occur to men’s bodies over time. Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon provides a free consultation to identify opportunities to increase self-esteem with a tighter appearance. The daddy do-over addresses the following characteristics of the classic dad bod:

  • Beer belly
  • Love handles
  • Man breasts
  • Turkey neck
  • Craggy complexion

Liposuction brings dad bod muscles into view

Diet-resistant fat deposits are what give a dad bod that soft, rounded look. Dr. Greenberg uses minimally-invasive VASERlipo® to gently remove the fat that can accumulate on the flanks, abdomen and around the neck, as well as on the thighs and calves. In a daddy do-over, he also can excise loose skin that may occur from weight loss or aging.

Explore breast reduction for men

Many men are not aware that the appearance of puffy breast tissue can be easily eliminated. Gynecomastia is the overdevelopment of this breast tissue in males and is quite common. It may be attributed to genetics, hormones or the use of certain drugs. The daddy do-over uses liposuction to remove localized fat. Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon surgically removes excess breast tissue and skin. If necessary, he repositions the nipple and decreases the areola size for a natural chest appearance.

Defy gravity with non-surgical skin tightening techniques

Technological advances have resulted in two new treatments to tighten loose skin around the neck, on the abdomen and on other parts of the body, without surgery. Renuvion™ uses a thin cannula, like the one used for liposuction. The device heats a tiny amount of helium gas and then immediately cools the tissue with more helium, limiting thermal damage. The connective tissue under the skin immediately contracts and continues to get tighter for months.

Morpheus 8 uses gold-tipped micro-needles that pulse with radio-frequency technology. The heat that is generated stimulates the skin and subcutaneous fat. The body responds with elastin and collagen to repair itself and in turn, the increased elasticity tightens the skin.

Get a fresh, fit face with aesthetic treatments

Laugh lines and crow’s feet can be the signs of a life filled with happiness and adventure. However, environmental and sun damage also can make anyone look older. Acne scars or uneven skin color also can affect men’s appearances and diminish their self-confidence. The aestheticians at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery offer a variety of non-invasive treatments to make men feel younger. Botox and fillers tackle fine lines. Photofacials treat freckles, age spots and other discolorations. Laser genesis addresses acne scars, large pores and discoloration. Microdermabrasion, micro-needling, chemical peels and medical-grade skin care products rejuvenate skin.

Ask about getting a daddy do-over done

You never want to diminish time with loved ones, but you may be ready to turn back the clock on signs of aging. Contact our Frisco cosmetic surgeon to find out how to boost your confidence without sacrificing your experiences.