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Destination Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Planning to leave the country for a cosmetic procedure? Many people decide to go to Mexico for their cosmetic surgeries. Some even travel to Columbia or Brazil. Why? Some do it because they can get a bundle of procedures performed for a lesser price. Others read or hear about these destinations from advertisements or the news media. Many of these destinations have a strong social media presence.

What about after the surgery

Ask yourself though what happens when you return home and you have a problem. Many patients who leave the country have trouble finding a doctor locally to care for them if some problem or complication arises after their surgery. Now, that economical package doesn’t look so good when you have to revisit that distant destination for any post-surgical problems that arise. Sometimes it is difficult to get in touch with the doctor or staff once you had the surgery and they have your money.

Besides difficulty getting help with your care after your procedure, some of these destinations are risky from a safety standpoint. Look at the recent woman that went to Mexico for a tummy tuck and got kidnapped by the cartel and had friends or family killed during their travel. Others treat you like an assembly line once you get there for your surgery. There are also less regulations in regard to sterility and cleanliness of the instruments and materials used during surgery in some of these other countries.

During and after-hours care

Here at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery, we treat your decision to allow us to perform your surgery as a privilege you have bestowed upon us. We are honored that you chose us as your provider, and we strive to give you the best care and results possible during this journey to improve your appearance. Not only are all of your visits in our office related to your procedure free of charge, but you get my personal cell phone number to access me 24 hours a day in case you have a problem or concern after your procedure. While we trust you not to abuse this by calling or texting for non-urgent issues after hours, we want you to feel assured that you will have the best care possible if something should arise after hours that concerns you about your recovery or your surgery. Try finding that with another cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery provider.

Consultations are free of charge.

So, when you decide that you want cosmetic surgery, and start looking for a surgeon, please remember us here at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery. Consultations are free of charge. We do require a credit card when you book your appointment, but your card will only be charged a minimal fee if you miss your appointment without notifying us at least 24 hours in advance. We do not do this to penalize you, but we require this so that we can make consultation appointments more available for those desiring a consultation at a time convenient for them. Before we instituted this policy, we would have fewer consultation appointments available due to no shows, and a longer waiting period before you could see us for a consultation.