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Discover the Power of Renuvion Skin Tightening

Learn what the FDA says about Renuvion skin tightening

Learn what the FDA says about Renuvion skin tighteningMedical innovations are always advancing, which is good news for us. In July 2022, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) reversed its earlier warning and approved the Renuvion skin tightening device. As such, it is the only FDA-cleared device for improving the appearance of loose skin on the neck and chin.

Officially, the technology was cleared for use in “subcutaneous dermatological and aesthetic procedures to improve the appearance of lax (loose) skin in the neck and submental (under the chin) regions,” when used with the new Renuvion APR Handpiece. Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon has achieved remarkable results in enhancing patients’ appearances with the device. Additionally, Dr Greenberg has successfully used this technology on multiple other areas of the body, including but not limited to the upper arms, inner thighs, waist and abdomen.

Renuvion skin tightening advances the J-Plasma® technology

For many years, J-Plasma has held FDA approval for medical services requiring cutting, coagulation and ablation of soft tissue during surgical procedures. The aesthetic and skin-tightening qualities were an added benefit of the technology. However, these qualities were marketed as an “off-label” application until recently.

This newly FDA-approved cool plasma technology works in a unique way. After administering a local anesthetic, the Renuvion wand is inserted into tiny incisions. Radio-frequency waves heat the helium gas to turn it into “plasma.” At the same time, a greater amount of helium cools the tissue immediately to limit thermal damage. The connective tissue between the skin and muscles contracts and continues to do so for six to 10 months. The process also stimulates collagen production for increased skin elasticity.

Choose a qualified surgeon for Renuvion skin tightening

Although skin tightening with Renuvion is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure, it still requires the knowledge and skill of a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Alan Greenburg MD, our Frisco cosmetic surgeon, is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He also offers several benefits to patients.

  • Operates from an accredited medical facility.
  • Keeps abreast of the latest research.
  • Trains with the newest aesthetic technologies, procedures and techniques.
  • Upholds ethical standards.
  • Passes comprehensive cosmetic surgery exams.
  • Maintains accreditation as required.

If you have questions about Renuvion skin tightening, contact our Frisco cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Greenberg will be glad to discuss the recent FDA clearance and assess your suitability for the procedure.