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Dispelling Common Myths about Breast Augmentation

Body type, having children and the aging process can impact your physical appearance and make you feel self-conscious about how you look. Some women would like to enhance their physiques with breast augmentation, but they mistakenly believe certain fallacies about this procedure. Understanding the truth about breast augmentation can help you make an informed decision. Dr. Alan Greenberg will work with you to create a detailed plan that will produce your desired outcome.

 Deciphering Fact from Fiction with Breast Augmentation

Myth: Breast implants aren’t safe.
Truth: In the early 1990s, controversy arose because silicone implants leaked and created issues for some patients. Though both silicone and saline implants are available today, they are strictly regulated by the FDA to protect women who choose breast augmentation.

Myth: Everyone will know I have had enhancements.
Truth: As a skilled cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Greenberg has the ability and vision to create natural-looking breast enhancements. Depending on your frame and build, he can help you choose implants that complement your appearance without causing a dramatic and noticeable change.

Myth: All breast augmentation is the same.
Truth: Each person is unique, so Dr. Greenberg will select implants that fit your personality, body type and individual goals.

Myth: Breast implants cause breast cancer.
Truth: While some people have tried to link breast cancer and implants, no scientific evidence has ever proven this claim. All implants on the market today are FDA-approved.

Myth: Once I get implants, I will have to replace them every 10 years.
Truth: How soon you need to replace the implants depends on the individual. Some patients have to change their implants in just a few years, while others never need replacements. Dr Greenberg uses breast implants that come with a lifetime guarantee. If they ever need to be replaced due to rupturing, the manufacturer replaces the actual implants at no cost to you. If the implants rupture within 10 years from the time of your procedure, an insurance policy that comes with your implants will also reimburse $1500 toward the surgeons and facilities fee.

Deciding whether or not to transform your appearance with breast augmentation is a personal choice that only you can make. Having accurate facts can make the decision-making process easier.

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