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Exparel – Non-Opioid Option

Exparel is a pain control option offered at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery

Exparel is a long acting local anesthesia that can be used with certain procedures to help decrease pain after surgery.

Controlling the postoperative Tummy Tuck pain

While there are limitations to how and when Exparel can be used, at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery, we offer Exparel as an option to decrease your pain and discomfort after your lipoabdominoplasty, also called a “tummy tuck”. Tightening your abdominal fascia, which serves as your natural abdominal girdle, helps improve the flatness of your abdominal wall and helps give you more of an hourglass figure after your tummy tuck. While this gives you a better appearance after your tummy tuck, it also causes a great deal more pain in your immediate postoperative period after surgery. Exparel can significantly decrease the amount of pain and discomfort during this period of time after your tummy tuck. While it doesn’t take all of the pain away, it does reduce the pain significantly. This allows you to have an easier recovery and allows you to move around more after surgery, decreasing the chances of having a serious complication after surgery.

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