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Shape up with a daddy do-over and other cosmetic surgery procedures for men

Shape up with a daddy do-over and other cosmetic surgery procedures for menIt’s not just women who want to increase confidence by enhancing their appearance. Now men are taking advantage of opportunities to look their best. Alan Greenberg MD offers cosmetic surgery procedures for men that can sculpt years off of your physique. Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon can perform liposuction, a breast reduction, a neck lift or a whole daddy do-over to help men feel better about their bodies.

Get back to work fast with minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures for men

One of the fastest growing segments of our practice is providing cosmetic surgery for men. According to a recent study, more than 30% of men were extremely likely to consider a cosmetic procedure. We attribute part of the growth to the availability of minimally invasive surgery. Men can return to work immediately after liposuction or work from home for a few days after a neck lift or a daddy do-over.

Chisel away excess fat or get a whole daddy do-over done

No matter how often you work out, stubborn fat deposits tend to settle around certain areas and hide the muscles that lie below. In addition, those muscles can stretch as you age or experience weight fluctuations. Tightening them will reflect a firm physique. We offer the following cosmetic surgery procedures for men.

Liposuction. Fat deposits tend to accumulate on the flanks and abdomen. They can also appear under the chin. With VASERlipo, our Frisco cosmetic surgeon utilizes a tumescent “awake” anesthesia that numbs the treated area and separates the fat from the tissue. The fat is suctioned out with a thin cannula, leaving incisions that are only a few millimeters long.

Breast reduction. In some men, excess glandular tissue, localized fat or extra skin around the pectoral muscles can give the appearance of breasts. Dr. Greenberg will remove fat with liposuction and excise loose skin and tissue. He may need to adjust the areola or nipple to make the changes look natural.

Neck lift. We can eliminate the sagging skin of a turkey neck. We lift the neck muscle and liposuction excess fat on the neck and chin. Next, Renuvion™ skin tightening technology heats (and immediately cools) the connective tissue, causing it to retract and become smoother for a more youthful appearance.

Daddy do-over. Like the mommy makeover, the daddy do-over is a series of cosmetic surgery procedures for men that are ideal for those who are middle-aged. Combine a breast reduction, liposuction, a neck lift, lipoabdominoplasty (modern tummy tuck) and facial aesthetics to renew your overall look for a boost in confidence.

Look better than ever

Your life experiences make you unique, but time can take a toll on your body. Focus on yourself and investigate cosmetic surgery for men. Contact Dr. Greenberg for a free consultation. Join the ranks of men in Frisco, Plano and Dallas who are shaping up to be their best selves.