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Treat Yourself to Long-lasting Facial Fillers and Botox

When collagen loss plays tricks on your skin, you can give yourself the treat of Botox or fillers at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery. Collagen acts like a cushion under the skin to give your face a lovely shape. Collagen breaks down with time, smoking, sun exposure and even everyday actions like smiling and chewing. Facial fillers and Botox can plump, replace and restore your skin’s appearance.

Are you a good candidate for facial fillers or Botox?

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alan Greenberg offers this checklist for men and women considering facial fillers or Botox:

  • I am between ages 30 and 60
  • I wish I could erase the lines on my forehead or around my mouth and eyes
  • I’d like fuller lips
  • I want younger-looking cheeks, chin or hands
  • I’d prefer to avoid plastic surgery
  • I’m healthy, not pregnant or nursing
  • I do not have a neuromuscular disease

 You want facial fillers or Botox, but mask-like results or injections scare you

Never fear, says Dr. Greenberg. Dermal fillers or Botox can give you natural-looking results if you work with a cosmetic surgeon experienced in customizing treatment materials.

  1. North Texas Cosmetic Surgery recommends facial fillers Juvederm® and Restylane® for smile lines, facial folds and lip augmentation.
  2. Botox effectively blocks the nerves to relax facial muscles that cause wrinkles. You definitely want a skilled physician to administer injections to avoid the “bad Botox” you sometimes see in celebrity photos.

No one likes shots, but facial fillers and Botox injections use tiny needles, and Dr. Greenberg’s team can numb your skin with an aesthetic cream. Dr. Greenberg performs cosmetic procedures in the North Texas Cosmetic Surgery office. Contact us for a consultation.