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Fat Transfer to the Hand

Aging gracefully with a fat transfer to the hands

Your hands can betray your age more than other parts of your body. They are exposed to harsh elements outdoors and to strong soaps and chemicals indoors. Larger veins and arthritic joints appear more pronounced under thinner skin. Sun damage causes age spots and wrinkles. Alan Greenberg, M.D., is a cosmetic surgeon and board-certified obgyn who treats many women in Frisco, Plano and Dallas who comment about aging hands. The team at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery offers a simple, minimally invasive technique for a fat transfer to the hands to give women a more youthful appearance.

Solving two problems with one process

As skin ages, it loses elasticity and fat, becoming thinner. It’s often described as crepey. Unlike the eyes, neck, face, thighs, buttocks, arms and other parts of the body, hands cannot get a “lift.” But breakthroughs in fat transfer to the hands allow doctors to utilize fat cells from other parts of the body, keep the cells viable throughout the process and inject them where needed to contour the appearance. Since people are using their own cells — not an implant or synthetic filler — there is less chance of rejection, and the results of fat transfer to the hands last longer.

VASERLipo® technology improves fat transfer to the hands

The new VASERlipo procedure uses ultrasound energy to loosen fat cells from other tissues so they can be gently removed through a small tube without damage to nerves, blood vessels or connective tissue. The cells are treated during the VASERlipo fat transfer procedure and remain viable to use elsewhere. “Living” fat cells also are one of the largest sources of stem cells, which help rejuvenate the skin. The result is hands that have thicker skin and appear fuller.

Fat transfer to the hands has an associated quick recovery

The minimally invasive fat transfer procedure is performed in Dr. Greenberg’s office using a local or tumescent anesthesia while patients remain awake. They are advised to rest for 12 hours afterward and can return to work within a couple of days. They may experience minor swelling, bruising or redness around the injection site, which will disappear as the new cells are absorbed into the body.

Let Dr. Greenberg give you a hand to improve the most obvious sign of aging. If you live in the Frisco, Plano, Southlake or Dallas area, contact the North Texas Cosmetic Surgery team and learn how we can return youth to your hands.



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