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Fat Versus Loose Skin

Lipo 360 is the new fad

Many patients who come in for a consultation think that liposuction alone will resolve their body issues. They ask about Lipo 360 which is liposuction alone of the abdomen, waist, and back areas. It seems that Lipo 360 is the new fad or rave today. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of these patients do not have a fat issue, but instead have an issue with loose skin after fat loss through dieting, exercise, lifestyle change and/or weight loss surgery. Lipo 360 will not correct a skin issue, and, unfortunately, too many patients who undergo Lipo 360 are unhappy with their results afterwards. If you have a loose skin issue, then liposuction of these areas will make the loose skin issue worse. Before undergoing Lipo 360, make sure you actually have excess fat and not loose skin as your issue.

Skin tightening procedures are more effective treatments for loose skin

Here at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery, we can easily demonstrate to you whether your issue is skin, or fat-related in our office in front of a mirror during your consultation. There are multiple ways to treat loose skin. These include either Renuvion tightening of the connective tissue between the skin and the muscle, or a skin excision procedure.

Renuvion is a less invasive procedure to tighten loose skin

Renuvion uses an innovative technology using medical grade helium to retract and tighten the skin through a few very small incisions. Over a period of four to six months, the connective tissue and collagen retracts and causes the skin to tighten. The benefit of Renuvion is that it can be performed with and without liposuction through very small incisions. Also, the recovery is minimal compared to a skin excision procedure. The disadvantage is that it takes patience because the tightening takes place over four to six months to get your final results. Also, Renuvion will only give you around 50 to 70% of the tightening results as a skin excision procedure.

A skin excision procedure tightens skin 100% with one surgery

A skin excision procedure requires a larger incision to accomplish your goals, but you get 100% of the tightening immediately after the surgery and after the swelling subsides. The recovery from a skin excision procedure also takes a little longer after your procedure.

None of the procedures at Texas Cosmetic Surgery require true general anesthesia

Here at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery, we perform all of our procedures under local tumescent anesthesia alone or tumescent anesthesia in combination with twilight anesthesia. No procedures require true general anesthesia, intubation or a respirator (breathing machine). The recovery is much quicker and does not give you the hangover effects that general anesthesia using anesthesia gases cause.

Dr Alan Greenberg can determine whether loose skin or fat is your issue

Experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr Alan Greenberg, can determine whether your issue is loose skin that needs tightening and recommend the proper procedure to address your problem. Contact us for an appointment.