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Fill Out Your Swimsuit This Summer

Make a Splash This Summer with a Fat Transfer

Fill out your swimsuit this summerSwimming pools open on Memorial Day weekend, and it’s time to sweat the small stuff. You may have been focused on getting in shape for swimsuit season but now wish you could fill out your bikini bottoms and tops by moving stubborn fat from other parts of your body. Now your wish can come true. A fat transfer to the breasts or buttocks is a natural way to move what Mother Nature gave you and put it in all the right places.

Fat transfer process

Also called autologous fat grafting, a fat transfer to the breasts and buttocks is one of the fastest-growing areas of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Alan Greenberg, board certified in cosmetic surgery of the breast, body and extremities, can sculpt your body into a more feminine form by using your fat from other areas. The in-office procedure can be performed within hours using tumescent “awake” anesthesia and twilight sedation. You’ll return home the same day.

Dr. Greenberg begins by identifying areas with excess fat for liposuction. After this fat is carefully removed, it is processed to extract the most viable cells, which are then used to add volume to your breasts or buttocks.

A fat transfer to the breasts

Women who want to increase their breasts by one or two cup sizes are ideal candidates for a fat transfer to the breasts. If you want significantly larger breasts or a specific size, then you may be happier with saline or silicone implants.

A fat transfer to the buttocks

The latest trend in cosmetic surgery is to create very shapely derrières. A fat transfer to the buttocks looks and feels natural. Be sure to work with an experienced board-certified cosmetic surgeon for a safe and successful procedure. Steer clear of individuals who offer to inject a foreign substance into your behind to increase its size. They may be using silicone for construction projects because medical-grade fillers would be cost-prohibitive. You also risk circulatory problems or death if any substance enters a major artery.

If you’re ready to fill out that swimsuit, then find out whether you are a candidate for a fat transfer to the breasts or buttocks. Contact Dr. Greenberg and his team at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery for a consultation. See how this summer can shape up into something special.