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Five Tips for Summer Fitness

sUMMER FITNESS TIPSThe importance of eating healthy and staying fit can never be overestimated. A healthy lifestyle is not only good for our physical body, but it is beneficial to our overall well being. To stay fit and healthy this summer, North Texas Cosmetic Surgery recommends these five tips:

Squeeze in the cardio. No matter where you are, you can squeeze in some extra cardio. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. During lunch, take 10 minutes and walk around your office building or down the block and back. Even when you shop, you can walk a lap inside your local mall before hitting the stores. No matter what you choose, be sure to walk at a faster pace while breathing deeper to increase your heart rate.

Drink lots of water. Hydration is key, especially during the summer months. Maintain a healthy salt-to-water balance by drinking plenty of fluids (preferably water) before, during and after physical activity. One tip is to carry a reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go, and avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.

Plan your meals ahead of time, and your snacks too. For meals, keep it light. Add more vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, to your diet and decrease the amount the fatty foods you eat. Try a dinner with grilled fish, couscous and maybe sauteed spinach or steamed broccoli. For a snack, avoid the candy bar and prepare a snack packet of dried fruits and nuts or granola.

Keep a food log. Calories, sodium and fat add up quicker than you think. Keep a food log to record what you’re eating and when. Download a mobile app (like My Fitness Pal) to track your calories, nutrients and exercise on a daily basis.

Find an exercise partner. Accountability is everything. Having a partner keeps you accountable and makes diet and fitness goals more fun. Having the extra accountability of an exercise pal sets you up for success.

Exercise and eating healthy not only keep you fit, they are crucial to ensuring that you get the most out of cosmetic procedures like liposuction and abdominal liposuction before and after the procedure. To understand the advantages and limitations and whether or not you would benefit from liposuction, contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alan Greenberg at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery.