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Helping You Achieve the Breast Size You Always Wanted

Breast AugmentationWomen from Plano, Frisco and Dallas will often contact cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alan Greenberg for consultation, interested in learning more about breast augmentation.  They each have a different story, a different reason for why they want to enhance their breast size. 

Some are embarrassed, still living with memories of being teased in high school.  Some recall bad experiences with previous breast implants, and are looking to update and improve their current implants.  With each patient and each different story, Dr. Greenberg focuses on helping women achieve the breast size they have always dreamed of.

Have a Say in Your Breast Augmentation

Consider awake breast augmentation one of the best ways to ensure that your breast augmentation is exactly what you had in mind.  Awake breast augmentation is performed in-office with tumescent anesthesia, so you are awake and pain-free the entire time.  You’ll be able to see immediate results and communicate with Dr. Greenberg as he performs the cosmetic procedure.

With awake breast augmentation, Dr. Greenberg can ask if you’re happy with the breast implant size and placement, and you can respond.  The result is the breast size you have always wanted, fewer complications, less down time and a more affordable cost.

Working Together to Accomplish Your Dream

Contact North Texas Cosmetic Surgery for your free initial consultation with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alan Greenberg.  Dr. Greenberg takes the time to learn about you and your reasons for breast augmentation. He will address your concerns and questions and work with you to determine the type of breast implant and implant size best for you.  Together, you can have the enhanced, natural looking breasts you have always dreamed of.