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Tips for Keeping Your Youthful Glow

Although you can’t stop the aging process, you can make sure you look your best at every stage of life. One way to take years off your appearance is to keep your skin looking healthy. With proper care, you can convey an image of grace and beauty as you get older. Genetic factors play a role in how your skin looks, but so do outside influences like lifestyle choices and environmental effects.

How to Look Your Best

If you want to enjoy lasting radiance, consider these helpful hints:

Limit sun exposure

Too much time in the sun can result in age spots, blotchiness, a dull complexion and a leathery texture. Avoid peak hours and wear sunscreen whenever you do go outside.

Curtail tobacco use

Smoking will not only deplete the skin of essential nutrients like vitamin A, but it can also constrict the blood vessels, which limits blood flow to your skin. When you quit smoking, your skin has a chance to repair itself.

Eat a healthy diet

Sugar, soda and processed foods won’t help your skin look great. Because these options don’t offer much nutritional value, they can actually deprive your skin of important nutrients.

Work out

Exercise promotes oxygen flow in the blood stream, releases toxins and helps circulation, so start cycling, take a Pilates class or schedule regular walks.

Visit a dermatologist

With advanced training in caring for the skin, a dermatologist can perform a complete exam as well as prescribe topical treatments that encourage cell regeneration and reduce fine lines.

At North Texas Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Greenberg and our team want you to feel beautiful at any age. If you would like to enhance your appearance with facial fillers or Botox Cosmetic, Dr. Greenberg can discuss these procedures with you.

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