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Getting Real with Cosmetic Surgery: How to Avoid Artificial Results

Unlike compliments on a new dress or new shoes, people don’t always welcome comments on their cosmetic surgery improvements. Results should appear natural, so you look like you (only better). The cosmetic surgeon you choose should prioritize health and safety, and provide sound counsel on which cosmetic procedures are right for you.

Dr. Alan Greenberg with North Texas Cosmetic Surgery spends time with new patients discussing their goals, expectations and extent of aesthetic changes they would like to make. As a physician first and cosmetic surgeon second, Dr. Greenberg will steer you away from unnecessary procedures.

When to say ‘when’ with cosmetic surgery.

  • Breast enhancements The amount of liquid, measured in cc’s, will determine the fullness of your breasts after cosmetic surgery. Dr. Greenberg performs awake (tumescent) surgery so you can engage in decision-making during the procedure. A cosmetic surgeon will help you choose silicone or saline implants, based on your size and tissue type. The goal, of course, is to achieve a natural-looking outcome in breast augmentation.
  • Liposuction A reputable cosmetic surgeon will tell you that not everyone is a good candidate for liposuction. If you have good skin elasticity and commit to a diet and exercise plan, liposuction can help refine problem areas. Dr. Greenberg performs in-office abdominal liposuction and lipoabdominoplasty.
  • Facial Fillers Known by manufacturer names Juvederm® and Restylane®, facial fillers temporarily plump the skin, and can really give your confidence a boost. Dr. Greenberg will recommend a treatment schedule that will enhance your look without appearing fake or unnatural.

The first step in deciding to have cosmetic surgery is introspection.

Always ask yourself why you desire any cosmetic procedure to be sure that your aspirations are not just your effort to satisfy underlying feelings of unhappiness. Sometimes we focus on our appearance instead of dealing with the true issues troubling us. Because there is risk associated with any surgery, including cosmetic surgery, Dr. Greenberg will listen to your wishes and discuss the realistic expectations you can expect from any procedure along with the available options to help you achieve your desired results. Always ask yourself: What is my goal for having cosmetic surgery?

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, insist on partnering with a physician that demonstrates, through patient testimonials and before-and-after-pictures, natural-looking results. Contact the experts at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery for a consultation with Dr. Greenberg to determine the next steps to achieving your aesthetic goals.