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Recovering from Cosmetic Surgery

Deciding to transform your appearance with cosmetic surgery is a big decision. When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Alan Greenberg, he will review your options, answer questions, and help you feel comfortable with your choice. Advances in technology, like tumescent anesthesia, have made cosmetic surgery easier for our patients. An important part of the process is understanding how to ensure a successful recovery after the procedure.

After Your Cosmetic Surgery

Whether you have decided to have a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation or a complete mommy makeover, Dr. Greenberg will explain the steps for the procedure and talk about what you should expect in the days following the surgery. The following tidbits may help you have an idea of the recovery process:

Follow your doctor’s orders

If you are told not to drive, lift heavy objects, or exercise, you need to listen. Dr. Greenberg makes these recommendations because your body has to heal after any surgery. Ignoring this information could cause complications or undo the work Dr. Greenberg just completed.

Ask questions

To maximize healing, you will need to care for the wound area and treat it as directed by Dr. Greenberg. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information if the instructions are unclear.

Rest up

Even with modern procedures and tools, cosmetic surgery is still hard on your body. Don’t push yourself and then face setbacks in your recovery.

Stay ahead of the pain

After your surgery, you will experience some discomfort. For the first few days, make sure you take the pain medication every few hours as directed. You will feel better and rest more comfortably, which will encourage healing.

Having a fantastic body will give you the confidence and grace you desire. Once you decide to have cosmetic surgery, you need to commit to the whole process, including an effective recovery.

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