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Make it a Sensational Summer with Cosmetic Surgery

We’ve hit the halfway mark of summer, and you may wish you had “dived in,” making that decision to pursue cosmetic surgery.

Today’s advanced surgical techniques make it possible to tweak your swimsuit body and still show off the results before the sun sets on another season.

Dr. Alan Greenberg with North Texas Cosmetic Surgery dedicates his career to the health and wellbeing of women and men, and knows that summertime can sap self-confidence. Swimsuits, shorts and sleeveless tops may draw attention to parts of your physique you wish to whittle down, sculpt or shape.

It’s not as easy as molding sand at the beach, but cosmetic surgery has drastically improved and can give you the results you want this summer.

3 reasons today’s cosmetic surgery helps you love swimsuit season again:

  • Awake anesthesia. Also known as “awake” or “local” anesthesia, tumescent anesthesia is an alternative to full anesthesia in a hospital. This means less pain and bruising, decreased costs and a faster recovery. You’ll be sitting poolside before you know it.
  • Bikini, tankini or tank. Whichever style suits you, you’ll love the way you look after breast augmentation. Dr. Greenberg performs most breast augmentation procedures using tumescent (awake) anesthesia to minimize pain, scarring and recovery time. Most women return to work a few days after their procedure. You will be surprised and delighted by the size and location of the scar.
  • Men and women can fine-tune with liposuction. Sometimes dieting and exercise just aren’t enough. The problem areas that you hide under a cover-up are no match for Dr. Greenberg’s skill with in-office liposuction. This targeted cosmetic surgery option removes extra fat deposits between skin and muscle so that you can look your best. Recovery involves 48 hours of serious downtime, then 2 weeks of limited activity, wearing a protective support garment.

Dr Greenberg is now also performing inner thigh lift surgery as well as brachialplasties (removal of excess fat and skin in the upper arms).

Our before-and-after pictures illustrate the dramatic difference cosmetic surgery has made for men and women in the communities of Frisco, Plano and Dallas. Contact the knowledgeable and friendly staff at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a consultation and inquire about breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, Botox or facial fillers.