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Eliminate Excess with Renuvion Skin Tightening or a Tummy Tuck

Love the skin you’re in or remove the excess with a tummy tuck

Love the skin you’re in or remove the excess with a tummy tuck - Tackle excess skin with a tummy tuck or Renuvion skin tighteningAlthough it is the most obvious part of the body, we often forget that skin is our largest organ. On average, an adult has about eight pounds and 22 square feet of skin. Our skin protects our internal organs, provides insulation, anchors many nerve endings and generates Vitamin D. However, excess skin that does not contract after pregnancies or weight loss can become a burden. Alan Greenberg MD recommends a minimally invasive tummy tuck or Renuvion® skin tightening to remove or reduce the surplus skin.

Skin is complex. It contains three layers, which our Frisco cosmetic surgeon addresses during a tummy tuck.

  1. Epidermis. The outer layer of skin protects us against environmental and bacterial invaders. New cells continually replace the dead cells that slough away.
  2. Dermis. Hair follicles, sweat glands, blood vessels and nerve receptors are in the flexible and strong dermis layer.
  3. Subcutis. This innermost layer contains collagen and elastin. A thin layer of fat also provides insulation and cushioning for your body during falls.

Tackle excess skin with a tummy tuck or Renuvion skin tightening

Although skin allows for flexibility and movement, it loses its elasticity as we get older or change sizes with weight fluctuations or pregnancies. Problems that can occur with unnecessary skin include discomfort, skin irritation and low self-esteem.

Depending on the amount of skin to be removed, our Frisco cosmetic surgeon may suggest the following procedures.

  • Modern tummy tuck. A lipoabdominoplasty does not require general anesthesia. It is ideal for people who have lost a significant amount of weight and those who have stretched skin and a protruding tummy after pregnancy. After performing liposuction to remove fat deposits, Dr. Greenberg tightens the abdomen by suturing the strong layer of fascia tissue over the abdominal muscles. Next, he excises the unneeded skin and adjusts the belly button, if necessary.
  • Mini tummy tuck. For patients with a minimal amount of excess skin, our Frisco cosmetic surgeon can remove minor fat deposits with liposuction and then use Renuvion skin tightening technology to “shrink” the surplus without creating a large scar. Rather than surgically removing the skin, Dr. Greenberg inserts the device into the tiny incisions used for liposuction. Helium plasma heats, then instantly cools the connective tissue between the abdominal skin and muscle. The tissue contracts immediately, and then even more over the next few months. Renuvion also tightens skin on the arms, neck, knees, thighs and back.

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