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The Perils of Medical Tourism

During the summer, many people plan family vacations or romantic getaways. These trips allow you to relax and escape the stress of daily life. Recently, medical tourism has begun gaining popularity. With this new trend, people travel to another country for the purpose of medical treatment at a reduced price. Dr. Alan Greenberg and the team at North Texas Cosmetic surgery want to make sure our patients are informed about the risks of medical tourism.

What You Should Know

Often, people decide to consider medical tourism because they see it as a chance to improve their images at a lower cost. Cosmetic procedures such as tummy tucks, breast augmentation and liposuction are popular choices for these types of trips. Although this option may seem like a good solution, you need to be aware of the risks, including:

Cleanliness of surgical facilities and increased risks of complications

The regulations and processes in other countries, such as Mexico and Costa Rico, may not be as stringent as they are in the U.S. Sterilization processes for the surgical equipment and operative facilities may be relaxed and incomplete. Also traveling a long distance or staying in a foreign country for an extended time period after surgery can put you at risk for infection and post-op problems. If you need a longer recovery or additional care, you may have to rely on medical personnel that you cannot check out beforehand. Even if you research the surgeon before your trip, you won’t have a chance to meet until you actually arrive at your destination, which is a risky proposition.

Post-operative care

Because you will still be recovering during your trip, you will likely need a companion, which adds to the expenses. Also, think about who will be responsible for your postoperative care and any postoperative complications when you return home. These additional costs can add up quickly and may affect your final results from your surgery.

Limited legal recourse

When something goes wrong locally during a tummy tuck or breast lift, you can take steps through the state medical board and other agencies if you feel the doctor was negligent. Hospitals and facilities abroad may have malpractice insurance for these cases, but filing claims can be a lengthy, difficult process for a foreign citizen.

Don’t risk your health and happiness with medical tourism. If you would like to enhance your appearance with cosmetic surgery, Dr. Greenberg can meet with you and create a custom plan to fit your goals and budget.

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