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Tighten Skin on the Neck with Renuvion™

Tighten skin on the neck with new technology

Tighten Skin on the Neck with Renuvion™There comes a day when you look in the mirror and begin to focus on the appearance of your neck instead of your makeup, clothing or physique. Egad! The excess skin that comes with aging, weight loss and sun damage seems to drag down your entire face. Instead of having the smooth, graceful neck of a swan, you see a turkey’s wattle. Renuvion™ cosmetic technology offers a way to tighten skin on the neck without an extensive neck lift or long incisions.

You may be trying exercises for your face and neck muscles. While those work well for strength and flexibility, they cannot add elasticity or collagen to your skin and they rarely remove stubborn fat deposits. Fortunately, scientists have developed a new solution to tighten skin on the neck – and our Frisco cosmetic surgeon offers this technology.

Tighten skin on the neck with cool plasma energy

Alan Greenberg MD, who is board certified in cosmetic surgery of the body, breasts and extremities, is the first physician in North Texas to offer Renuvion cosmetic technology to tighten skin on the neck. This breakthrough system utilizes cool plasma energy generated via ionized helium gas to cause the skin to contract.

Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon inserts the Renuvion device under the skin through a tiny six millimeter incision. Radiofrequency waves heat a very small amount of helium gas ‒ creating plasma ‒ while a larger amount of the gas immediately cools the area so that thermal damage to tissue is limited. The result is immediate, and the skin continues to contract over three to six months.

Add liposuction to subtract a double chin

Make the most of this procedure and ask Dr. Greenberg to further define and sculpt your chin and neck with liposuction before using the Renuvion device to tighten skin. Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon uses a thin cannula (a hollow stainless-steel tube) to gently break up unwanted fat cells and suction them away.

Remarkable recovery

Both the liposuction and Renuvion neck tightening procedures are minimally invasive and performed in our offices using tumescent “awake” anesthesia, which is less risky and offers a faster recovery compared to general anesthesia. You’ll see instant results and go home the same day. Allow three days before returning to work and about two weeks before resuming strenuous activity.

Give thanks for new technology

If you want to eliminate your turkey neck, contact our Frisco cosmetic surgeon and see how Renuvion cosmetic technology can gobble that wattle away.