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Transgender Breast Augmentation Makes a Big Difference

Breast augmentation makes a dream come true for a transgender patient

Breast augmentation makes a dream come true for a transgender patient
Before Transgender Breast Augmentation

Most patients who seek cosmetic surgery want to enhance or minimize some small aspect of their appearance. They may have loose skin, diet-resistant fat, or breasts that are too large or too small. For transgender individuals, cosmetic surgery can be transformative. Dr. Alan Greenberg knows how to sculpt a natural female form. The Frisco cosmetic surgeon helped Connie change her life with a breast augmentation.

Connie identifies as female. She had already undergone counseling and started hormone therapy to transition from male to female. For her next step, she was ready to enhance her outward appearance. “I always felt like I was going to do it,” Connie says. She took the plunge after getting her tax refund in 2019.

Considerations for a transgender breast augmentation

Connie did a lot of online research. She gathered information about the procedure, searched for the best surgeon and carefully considered her budget. She was impressed by all the information she found on North Texas Cosmetic Surgery’s website. Even though she did not reside or work near the clinic, she met Dr. Greenberg for a free consultation and asked the Frisco cosmetic surgeon to provide her with breast implants.

Breast augmentation makes a dream come true for a transgender patient
After Transgender Breast Augmentation

Dr. Greenberg began the procedure by numbing Connie’s chest with tumescent “awake” anesthesia. He inserted saline implants, which are gradually filled with a sterile saltwater solution during surgery. Patients are awake and can make slight alterations to the size during surgery. Connie opted for a 38B. Since she has a rigorous job, which requires heavy lifting, she gave herself a week and a half to recover.

Patients undergoing male-to-female (MTF) breast augmentation surgery should do research to ensure that their doctor is knowledgeable about other factors related to the procedure. Dr. Greenberg positions implants further apart to accommodate a wider chest. He also ensures that the nipples are positioned correctly.

“I’d definitely recommend Dr. Greenberg,” Connie says. “He is very good at what he does, and the price was so affordable. I’m 100% happy with the results.”

Identify the best option for you

If you want to learn more about MTF breast augmentation, contact our Frisco cosmetic surgeon. Find out how people in Frisco, Plano, Dallas and North Texas are making big changes by taking this small step.