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Tummy Tuck Patient Says Lipoabdominoplasty Candidates Should “Go For It”

This tummy tuck patient first came to the same office during her pregnancy

This tummy tuck patient first came to the same office during her pregnancyGabriela used to live in Frisco and was referred to P. Clay Alexander MD, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology at Health Central Women’s Care, when she conceived her first child. She eventually moved to Carrollton and started seeing an OBGYN closer to her new home. A decade later, she was considering getting a tummy tuck and asked her sister for the name of the cosmetic surgeon she loved. Gabriela’s sister recommended Alan Greenberg MD. When Gabriela went to meet our Frisco cosmetic surgeon, this tummy tuck patient learned that his partner is Dr. Alexander and the two share an office.

This lipoabdominoplasty candidate moved forward with the procedure after weight loss

As with most women, Gabriela gained weight after her two pregnancies. The extra pounds showed on her 5-foot 3-inch frame. She exercised more and started heavy lifting, eventually losing 25 pounds. Unfortunately, her hard work wasn’t showing because she had a few diet-resistant fat deposits and her skin had stretched over the years. She scheduled a free consultation with Dr. Greenberg. He explained how a minimally invasive lipoabdominoplasty procedure would solve her problem. This would be the first surgery in her life, but Gabriela liked what she heard and felt comfortable with the staff.

“I’m ready,” Gabriela said after learning about financing. “Book my appointment!”

A great experience for this tummy tuck patient

This tummy tuck patient first came to the same office during her pregnancyGabriela was pleased that the Frisco cosmetic surgeon uses local anesthesia and mild IV sedation, which is safer than general anesthesia. The procedure started with liposuction to remove the stubborn fat. She remained awake and carried on a conversation with Dr. Greenberg while music played in the background. “I loved his bedside manner,” she explained.

As a tummy tuck patient, she was asleep during the second part of the surgery when her abdominal fascia, the layer of tissue over the muscles, was tightened and the excess skin was removed. Gabriela was home just seven hours later, and she had Dr. Greenberg’s cell phone number to call if she had any questions. Now she has a flatter, tighter tummy and is 8 pounds lighter.

“Go for it. Don’t think twice,” she said, but added that potential patients should drop the weight they want to lose before going through with the surgery. “I feel so much more confident,“

Are you ready?

If you have completed your family and are satisfied with your weight, then contact our Frisco cosmetic surgeon and request a free consultation either in the office or via telemedicine. Learn how our tummy tuck patients in Frisco, Plano, Dallas and North Texas are eliminating unwanted fat and skin in a few hours with lipoabdominoplasty.