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Weekly Review to Sculpt a New You Series with Dr Alan Greenberg!

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Hello Dallas.

I would like to introduce myself. I am Dr. Alan Greenberg, and my practice name is North Texas Cosmetic surgery. Please don’t confuse that name with North Texas Plastic Surgery which is a completely separate and unrelated practice.

I plan to start a weekly talk on Instagram, Facebook and possibly other social media platforms discussing different issues related to cosmetic surgery and procedures. This will be my first discussion and it will start with an introduction of me. Future talks will discuss issues that you, my audience, want to hear about. All you have to do is send in your requests and I will review them and plan future discussions accordingly.

I focus on cosmetic surgeries and procedures from the neck down

My practice involves cosmetic surgeries and procedures from the neck down. Other than Botox, fillers and esthetic procedures, I do not perform any facial plastic procedures. Therefore, I will not address procedures or questions related to procedures such as nose jobs, eyelid surgeries or facelifts in my talks.

Now about me. I started practicing medicine in the Dallas area over 30 years ago. My initial training was as an obstetrician and gynecologist. I attended medical school and completed my residency training at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. I practiced obstetrics and gynecology for many years. I was always known for my excellent surgical skills as well as my approachability, honesty, being down to earth and my great caring bedside manner. In the early 2000’s, I realized I had an artistic side to me when I took some sculpting courses at the School for Creative Arts in Dallas near Fair Park. It never occurred to me during my initial training to combine my creative abilities with my excellent surgical skills until I took these sculpting classes, which involved sculpting human models out of clay.

I found a true passion for cosmetic surgery

Shortly after this, I decided to take courses in learning and performing safe and effective cosmetic surgery. Despite enjoying delivering babies and taking care of my female patient’s non-obstetrical issues, I found a true passion for cosmetic surgery. During these courses, I was introduced to tumescent anesthesia. I became very intrigued by tumescent anesthesia and its ability to lessen blood loss, lessen infection risks as well as allow so many cosmetic procedures to be done without using general anesthesia. I traveled across the country learning to perform multiple cosmetic procedures under local tumescent anesthesia alone or in some circumstances, along with twilight anesthesia. This allowed me to avoid general anesthesia gasses, paralyzing patients and placing patients on respirators during my procedures. I am one a few surgeons in the United States that perform cosmetic surgery this way despite it being a safer way to perform surgery. This has led to many patients traveling to Dallas from the east coast to the west coast to have me perform surgery on them.

By 2015 I had taken so many courses and had performed so many cosmetic procedures I was able to sit for the Cosmetic Surgery Board examinations. I passed the strenuous written and oral board exams and demonstrated an expertise in cosmetic surgery procedures. I was honored to receive my board certification in Cosmetic Surgery that same year. Since starting to perform cosmetic surgery 15 years ago, I have performed thousands of cosmetic surgery cases all under local tumescent anesthesia with and without twilight anesthesia. You can visit my website at to view the before and after pictures to see for yourself the results I have been able to give my patients.

I will take this time to end my talk. Until next time have a wonderful week.

Look for me to speak again in 1 week.