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Avoiding General Anesthesia with Awake Breast Augmentation – Rebekah’s Story

Medical issues made awake breast augmentation the best fit for Rebekah

Before Awake Breast Augmentation
Before Awake Breast Augmentation

Rebekah C. always wanted larger breasts, but her doctor advised her to wait until she completed her family. She had two healthy sons, and the weight gain and loss during pregnancy left her with small, drooping breasts.

When she was ready to give serious consideration to cosmetic surgery, she had to undergo an unexpected hysterectomy. That’s when a hereditary medical issue arose. Rebekah discovered she had vasovagal syncope when it took her two days to recover from general anesthesia. The episode dashed her hopes of having breast implants. However, research led her to Dr. Alan Greenberg, a Frisco cosmetic surgeon and obgyn who offers awake breast augmentation.

Vasovagal syncope is a condition that usually causes fainting when the heart rate and blood pressure drop suddenly in response to a trigger, such as the sight of blood or receiving general anesthesia. Rebekah’s mother and sister have the same syndrome, but with different triggers. Since general anesthesia is not needed with awake breast augmentation, implants were still an option.

Less is more with awake breast augmentation

After Awake Breast Augmentation
After Awake Breast Augmentation

“General anesthesia scared me,” said Rebekah, an operations and software consultant living in Brownwood, Texas. Her fiancé tried to help and Googled “breast augmentation without going under.” That’s when they learned about the Frisco cosmetic surgeon who specializes in awake breast augmentation. She made the three-hour trip for a consultation and eventually, surgery.

Dr. Greenberg uses local and tumescent anesthesia so that patients are awake, but do not feel pain or discomfort. In fact, Rebekah was able to view the size of her breasts during surgery and opted to increase the amount of saline added to the implants before the incisions were closed. Other benefits of awake breast augmentation include the following.

  • Faster recovery
  • Diminished bruising
  • Less pain
  • Greater affordability

Loving the results

“I love boobs more than men do,” Rebekah said. “I wake up every morning and hug my ‘girls.’ I had no idea of the emotional satisfaction and confidence it would provide. I now feel balanced in my body and clothes fit better.” She wasn’t aware how different she would feel after moving from a size 32B bra that was heavily padded to a 32DDD but found that the increased self-assurance even improved intimacy. “I’m exceptionally glad I made this decision.”

Sizing up your situation

If you would love to find out whether awake breast augmentation can provide you with the shape you’ve always desired, then contact our Frisco cosmetic surgeon at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery.