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Breast Lift

Breast Lift
Breast Lift services offered in the greater Frisco, TX area

Do your breasts appear long, droopy, or saggy? Board-certified cosmetic surgeon Alan Greenberg, MD, provides customizable breast lift surgeries at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery in Frisco, Texas. You can combine your breast lift with a reduction or augmentation to further enhance your breasts according to your preference. Call North Texas Cosmetic Surgery or book a breast lift consultation online to start planning your surgery today. 

How does a breast lift work?

Breast lift is a cosmetic surgery that elevates your breasts on your chest. Your breasts can sag with age as the tissue weakens and becomes looser. Thanks to the combination of age-related changes and gravity, your breasts aren’t as perky as they once were. 

At North Texas Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Greenberg offers tumescent (local) anesthesia instead of general anesthesia for breast lifts. This means you’re awake the whole time, and there are lower complication risks than a breast lift with general anesthesia. 

During your consultation, Dr. Greenberg evaluates your level of ptosis (breast drooping) and the positions of your nipples. He decides between various incision types based on your needs and goals, including circle incisions around the areolas, lollipop incisions around the areola with a vertical line down the underside, and U-shaped anchor incisions. 

Dr. Greenberg then lifts your tissues, trims away excess skin, and repositions your nipples. 

Can I combine breast lifts with other breast surgeries?

You may want to alter your breasts in some other way than just lifting them, and you can do so by combining your breast lift with another surgery that aligns with your goals. In addition to standard breast lifts, North Texas Cosmetic Surgery offers:

Breast lift with augmentation

If you’d like your breasts to appear larger or fuller, consider a breast lift with augmentation. You can use saline or fat transfer to enhance your breasts while also reducing drooping. 

Breast lift with reduction

If your breasts are larger than your preference, consider breast lift with reduction. Your breasts will be both elevated and of a more manageable size. 

Am I a good candidate for a breast lift?

Dr. Greenberg invites you to North Texas Cosmetic Surgery for a detailed surgical consultation. He evaluates your medical history and overall health to determine if you’re a good candidate for a breast lift with or without augmentation or reduction. 

You might be interested in a personalized breast lift if you have:

  • Drooping breasts
  • Enlarged areolas
  • Downward-pointing nipples
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Long or narrow breasts

Breast lifts may or may not affect your ability to breastfeed in the future, which is something to keep in mind if you plan on doing so. 

Call North Texas Cosmetic Surgery or schedule an appointment online for a detailed breast lift consultation today.