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Bigger or Higher? A Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift?

Is a breast augmentation or breast lift right for you?

Is a breast augmentation or breast lift right for you?Life brings changes, especially to our bodies. Pregnancy can be a joyful time and aging adds knowledge and self-awareness. However, both cause weight fluctuations. You may look in the mirror and wish you could regain those perky breasts and a shapely figure. It’s possible with a breast augmentation or breast lift.

Breast augmentation can make your breasts larger and fuller, while a breast lift can solve the problem of sagging. Dr. Alan Greenberg can help with both options. In fact, our Frisco cosmetic surgeon often combines both of these minimally invasive procedures for the best results.

Size matters with breast augmentation

It’s normal to lose breast tissue as you age. Pregnancy and breastfeeding cause the muscles and skin around the breasts to expand and contract. Weight loss has a similar effect. Individual genetics also influence breast size, as some women naturally have small breasts or large breasts.

Breast augmentation, one of the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures, can give you the best size for your body while increasing volume and balancing asymmetry.

Women have choices with today’s safer implants. Breast augmentation with saline (salt water filled) implants allow for last-minute adjustments during the surgical procedure. Women also have the option of prefilled silicone implants.

Implants of different sizes, and/or breast reduction on one breast or both, can also balance the size difference in asymmetrical breasts. An implant can be added to a smaller breast (augmentation mammaplasty), or a breast reduction can be performed on the larger breast. Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon also can remove tissue or exchange larger implants for smaller implants for large breasts that are causing discomfort. As such, there are many options to achieve your optimal size.

Raise your expectations with a breast lift

Give breasts that look deflated and droopy a boost with a breast lift (mastopexy). Supporting ligaments stretch over time and cause breasts to drop below the breast crease. In addition, nipples may increase in size and/or point downward as gravity pulls volume south. If there is sufficient breast tissue, then a mastopexy will lift the breast into a natural position in several ways.

  • Tightening the surrounding tissue
  • Reshaping the breasts’ contours
  • Removing excess skin
  • Repositioning or reshaping the nipple and areola

Often paired

Many women wonder if they need a breast augmentation or breast lift. However, these procedures can be combined to give you the volume and silhouette that you seek. Although both procedures can be performed years apart, there can be savings in cost and recovery time when done at the same time.

Contact Dr. Greenberg for a free consultation and learn whether breast augmentation or breast lift fits your body and goals. See how women in Frisco, Plano and Dallas are getting their breasts to be bigger, higher or both.