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The Best Liposuction Candidates

The Best Liposuction Candidates Have Realistic Expectations

It sounds like a dream come true – the ability to have excess fat quickly removed in the convenience of your doctor’s office. Although advances in technology have made the liposuction procedure better than ever, the best liposuction patients understand that they cannot expect miracles.

Visit with Dr. Alan Greenberg to discuss your goals. He can outline your options and explain what procedures will provide you with the desired results.

Healthy Prognosis for the Best Liposuction Candidates

Don’t rely on liposuction to remove large volumes of fat or to provide an alternative to weight loss. The procedure works best on individuals who are reasonably fit but have localized areas with stubborn fat deposits that dieting or exercise can’t remove.

The best liposuction candidates share the following qualities:

  • Average weight: You need to have a healthy body mass index (BMI) or be within 20 to 30 percent of your ideal weight. There are limits to the amount of tumescent anesthesia that can be administered, so it is best to limit the amount of areas treated in one visit.
  • Muscle definition: A strong muscular structure below the skin helps define the area where fat can be removed.
  • Skin elasticity: Age isn’t a factor for liposuction, but the skin of older patients may not become taut after liposuction like that of younger clients.

Challenges Posed by Medical Issues

Liposuction is not for everyone, and it isn’t a cure for obesity. The best liposuction candidates will consider a number of other health issues to be addressed or considered before having the procedure.

  • Cellulite: Do not rely on liposuction to remove cellulite. In some cases, it may make the appearance more pronounced because fibrous bands that create the appearance of dimples remain.
  • Diabetes: Diabetics usually have fat stored around the internal organs, behind the muscular wall. This is visceral or omentum fat, which liposuction cannot remove. However, liposuction can remove fat between the skin and abdominal wall. But it is important to have a thorough consultation to ensure that risks from infection, poor circulation and wound healing will not impact recovery.
  • Heart or circulatory problems: Patients taking blood thinners, aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs to improve circulation may have a greater risk of internal bleeding during the procedure.
  • Depression: Some anti-depressants inhibit the metabolism of lidocaine in tumescent anesthesia.
  • Smoking: In addition to obvious concerns about cancer risk, smoking decreases blood circulation to the skin and makes it thinner and less elastic.

When Less Is More

The best liposuction candidates detail pre-existing conditions and discuss their expectations. Contact Dr. Greenberg and the team at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery to see how they can help remove what diet and exercise won’t.