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Get a safer tummy tuck with lipoabdominoplasty

A rich and full life rarely leaves you with a flawless figure. However, Dr. Alan Greenberg can sculpt your waist, flanks and abdomen with lipoabdominoplasty. Our Frisco plastic surgeon combines two popular procedures to create a smooth physique.

Liposuction removes unwanted fat. Then, an abdominoplasty tightens the abdomen and eliminates excess skin. This modern version of a traditional tummy tuck is much less invasive than a traditional tummy tuck. Dr. Greenberg also performs it in the comfort of his clinic in his accredited operating room, so it’s also more affordable.

Problem areas tackled with lipoabdominoplasty

Significant weight fluctuations and pregnancy can cause the abdominal wall to stretch and the skin to lose its elasticity. Lipoabdominoplasty addresses numerous unwanted body issues.

  • Weakened abdominal muscles protruding outward
  • Excess folds of skin and tissue draping over the lower abdomen (often called an “apron”)
  • Lumpiness from fat deposits
  • Bulging waist or “muffin top”
  • “Love handles”
  • Misshapen navel
  • Fat deposits on the flanks, hips and back

Liposuction is not a replacement for exercise or a proper diet. Ideal candidates have maintained weight loss for several months and do not plan to become pregnant in the future. The procedure tightens the abdomen, eliminates stubborn fat deposits and removes the excess skin that can appear after losing unwanted pounds.

Reduce risk and costs with this modern tummy tuck

Lipoabdominoplasty utilizes local anesthesia and mild IV sedation. In addition to numbing the area, the tumescent “awake” anesthesia solution used during the procedure helps separate fat from the outer abdomen for easier liposuction. At the same time, it constricts blood vessels, reducing bleeding, infection and blood clots.

The old-fashioned tummy tuck uses a scalpel or electrocauterization with a heated tool to separate and remove abdominal fat. This can cause unnecessary trauma to the lymphatic system, veins and arteries. It requires general anesthesia and patients are “put under,” so there are more risks, a longer recovery and a greater overall cost.

To tighten the tummy, Dr. Greenberg sutures the abdominal fascia – the layer of tissue over the abdominal muscles – to pull the muscles together. The result is a flatter, sleeker appearance.

Don’t wait for a new waist

If you’ve achieved your weight-loss and family-planning goals and are ready for a smoother silhouette, contact your Frisco cosmetic surgeon to find out whether lipoabdominoplasty is right for you. Learn how women and men in Frisco, Plano, Dallas and North Texas are discovering the abs and waists they’ve always wanted.