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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation Can Enhance Female Confidence

Options Include a Labiaplasty, a Fat Transfer to the Labia or Tightening the Vaginal Opening

Many women are more comfortable with their sexuality as they grow older, but the body’s appearance changes as women go through childbirth and aging. However, life’s natural experiences shouldn’t take away from your ability to enjoy your body. Dr. Alan Greenberg performs vaginal rejuvenation surgery by:

  • Labiaplasty
  • Transferring fat to the labia
  • Tightening the vaginal opening
  • A combination of these procedures

You Have Options for Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures can increase sexual satisfaction and return your body to the way it was before the childbirth and aging processes occurred. Benefits include:

  1. Greater confidence during intimate moments
  2. A more youthful vaginal appearance
  3. An increase in self-esteem in many cases

Reduce Anxiety about your Appearance with a Labiaplasty

Skinny jeans and clingy swimsuits can show off the curves you’ve worked so hard to maintain. But some women have a little extra skin between their legs that causes unsightly bulges in close-fitting pants. Childbirth, gravity or genetic tendencies can cause the labia minora (inner vaginal lips) to sag or extend beyond the outer labia majora (the outer lips of the vagina). If you are concerned about your personal appearance or find it uncomfortable to exercise due to chafing, then a labiaplasty may be beneficial. Dr. Greenberg gently sculpts the excess tissue – creating a sleek appearance.

Add Confidence with an Autologous Fat Transfer to the Labia

The plumper lips of the labia majora are an area where women tend to lose fat as they become older. When this happens, the labia majora may appear to sag or the labia minora protrudes. Now you can reverse the effects of time or weight fluctuations. An autologous fat transfer to the labia can restore the volume women had when they were younger.

Dr. Greenberg uses the VASERlipo method to gently remove fat from where it’s not needed – your abdomen, back, inner thighs, flanks or buttocks – and replace it elsewhere. The new ultrasound liposuction procedure enables him to collect the fat more efficiently with better viability.

Increase Satisfaction by Tightening Your Vaginal Opening

Some women and their partners report a decrease in sexual satisfaction following childbirth or as they grow older. Sometimes this can be attributed to a vaginal opening that has become wider due to childbirth or looser because of aging. There’s less friction, the partner may slip out or you may be self-conscious about appearance. Kegel and other exercises cannot make the entrance to the vagina smaller. For that, Dr. Greenberg uses a discrete minimally invasive procedure for tightening the vaginal opening. This can be done in conjunction with trimming excess vaginal tissue, if needed.

Return to Work within a Week

All vaginal rejuvenation procedures are performed in our office using local or tumescent (twilight) anesthesia. You can go home within a few hours and we ask that you rest and use ice packs to reduce swelling. You can return to work in four to five days, although you will need to refrain from strenuous activity and intercourse for several weeks.

To learn how you can make the most of your femininity with vaginal rejuvenation procedures, contact Dr. Greenberg and the skilled team at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery. See how patients in Frisco, Plano and Dallas are enhancing their natural assets with a labiaplasty, a fat transfer to the labia or by tightening the vaginal opening.