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A Breast Augmentation with a Fat Transfer Solves Implant Issues

Oklahoma Woman Discovers That a Breast Augmentation Via Fat Transfer Is a Natural Solution

A Breast Augmentation with a Fat Transfer Solves Implant IssuesValery* has always been petite. The Oklahoma resident wanted to enhance her feminine figure with a breast augmentation using saline implants, which her local doctor provided. Unfortunately, they ruptured after a time. Never one to give up, she had the saline implants replaced with silicone ones. Generally safe, these implants experienced a torn capsule, which affects the muscles holding the implants in place. Her primary doctor referred her to several cosmetic surgeons, including Dr. Alan Greenberg, founder of North Texas Cosmetic Surgery and board-certified in cosmetic surgery of the body, breasts and extremities.

Valery researched her options and drove to Frisco, Texas for a consultation with Dr. Greenberg and she liked what she heard. He recognized that her body did not adapt well to implants and he noted that she had lost some of her existing breast tissue with the removal of the implants. He suggested that she have a breast augmentation by transferring fat from other areas of her body.

In breast augmentation, fat transfers make the most of what you have

By using one’s own body’s fat, there is less risk of rejection of a foreign substance. Valery was already slim but had localized fat deposits on her outer thighs, her back and the inside of her knees. Dr. Greenberg liposuctioned that fat in two procedures and processed it to use for the breast augmentation.

“Even though I’m petite, I’ve always carried a little more weight in the lower part of my body,” Valery said. “I have to admit that my jeans and shorts fit better after the liposuction.”

Valery and her supportive husband returned to North Texas for the fat transfer procedures. Dr. Greenberg sculpted Valery’s own fat into position and he increased her breasts more than a cup size, which pleased her.

“It feels very natural, and my breasts look more normal. I couldn’t be happier,” she said. “I think Dr. Greenberg is an artist and wanted to do what was best for me. He and his assistant, Kelly Lemin, made me comfortable and answered all my questions.”

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* Last name withheld to protect patient privacy.