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Breast Augmentation

Patients From Frisco, Plano And Dallas Get Results and Diminished Risk With Awake Breast Augmentation

Dr. Alan Greenberg, a cosmetic surgeon serving the Frisco, Plano and Dallas area, specializes in minimally invasive surgical techniques for breast augmentation. Women seeking alternatives to traditional breast augmentation under general anesthesia will be happy to know that awake breast augmentation offers the aesthetic results, without potential associated risks of general anesthesia.

About Awake Breast Augmentation

Tumescent anesthesia, also known as local, or awake anesthesia, provides all of the pain relief without requiring the patient to fully succumb to an unconscious state. Patients actually interact with Dr. Greenberg and his surgical team during the procedure, providing feedback on the optimal breast size.

If you’d like to have fuller breasts but hesitate to pursue breast augmentation because of the cost and complications linked with general anesthesia, consider awake breast augmentation.

Our patients, ranging from 18-60 years old, choose awake breast augmentation and lifts for many reasons.

Heredity, pregnancy or weight loss may leave you feeling less than your best. A breast augmentation lift or breast enlargement can restore what was lost … or never was.

Breast lifts alone, or in addition to augmentation, may be necessary to restore the natural position of your breasts.

Breast augmentation by itself lifts the breasts a small amount, but some women may require the added benefit of a lift. Not all lifts can be performed in the office setting under tumescent anesthesia. Dr Greenberg can help you decide if a lift is needed at your initial free consultation.

How do you feel about breast surgery?

That’s an important question we’ll discuss at your free initial consultation with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alan Greenberg. He will address your concerns and help you determine which type of implant will help you achieve natural-looking results.

If you live in the Frisco, Plano or Dallas area, contact Dr. Greenberg to learn the facts about awake breast augmentation or a breast lift and how they can work for you.