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Breast Implant Placement

The Choice Of Breast Implant Placement

Breast implants can be placed either “over” the pectoral muscle or “under” the muscle. The choice depends on the breast tissue, your activity level and your desired look.

Once you have decided on awake breast augmentation, Dr. Alan Greenberg at Frisco’s North Texas Cosmetic Surgery will talk with you about which option is best for you.

Over The Muscle Breast Implant Placement

Depending upon the amount and quality of your breast tissue and your future desire for body building.

Dr. Greenberg may suggest placing the breast implant sub-glandular, or over the muscle. The implants are actually inserted inside the breast, in front of the muscle and behind the breast tissue. This method gives the breast a round, full appearance, a look that is preferred by some women. In fact, inserting the implant over the muscle allows for oversize implants as well as the ability for future upper body building.

However, over the muscle placement has the highest risk for capsule contracture and can interfere with mammograms. In some cases, the implant edges will be visible, and ripples more easily seen. Another consideration is that over time, the weight of the implant can cause stretching of the skin surrounding the implant, creating a more droopy breast appearance. However, these conditions happen most often in patients with very little breast tissue, thin breast tissue, or oversized implants descend or “bottom out.” However, these conditions happen most often in patients with very little breast tissue or thin breast tissue.

Breast Implant Placement: Under or Partially Under The Muscle

When Dr. Greenberg inserts the breast implant submuscular, or under the muscle, he has two options, completely under the muscle or partially under the muscle. Regardless if partial or full, the result is a natural feel and shape, one that softly transitions from the chest to the roundness of the breast.

In both options, there is much less visibility and feel of the implant edges, and less chance of rippling. Another benefit is that there is less mammography interference. If placed completely under the muscle, the risk for “bottoming out” decreases substantially; however, there is still a risk of “bottoming out” when placed partially under the muscle.

Breast augmentation using an under the muscle approach may cause more post-operative discomfort initially but usually better results in the long term. Within 48 hours of the procedure, most patients begin to feel better and are able to return to their usual routine within a few days. Dr. Greenberg does warn against upper body exercises for four weeks with either approach. Also, those women desiring to be future bodybuilders may be limited with the under the muscle approach.

Regardless if over the muscle or under the muscle Dr. Greenberg can perform your breast augmentation in office using tumescent local anesthesia, an “awake” anesthesia associated with fewer risks, faster recovery and decreased costs. For those desiring twilight anesthesia in addition to local “tumescent anesthesia” (although not necessary), Dr. Greenberg can arrange this for a nominal fee.

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