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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Candidates for a fat transfer breast augmentation also benefit from liposuction

It sounds like a dream come true. Women can enhance their bustline while eliminating unwanted fat. Fat transfer breast augmentation candidates can increase their breasts one or two cup sizes by utilizing their own fat removed via liposuction. Dr. Alan Greenberg, a Frisco cosmetic surgeon, processes the fat cells to remove impurities before injecting them into the breasts.

The autologous fat graft eliminates the risk of rejection because the fat cells are your own. Since Dr. Greenberg adds actual fat to the breasts, they look and feel natural. There is no scarring, only tiny incisions from the liposuction.

Candidates for a fat transfer breast augmentation

Increasing breast size with excess fat isn’t for everyone. Women who want a significant boost to their breasts should consider silicone or saline implants. However, fat transfer breast augmentation candidates share some of the following qualities.

  • Breast implant complications. Women who have experienced problems with implants or capsular contractions following breast augmentation may want to remove the implants and fill the expanded space with fat.
  • Lost volume after pregnancies. Repeated expansion and contraction of breast tissue during multiple pregnancies and while breastfeeding can leave a void. Added fat from liposuction can make breasts fuller.
  • Uneven appearance. Fat transfer breast augmentation can fill depressions after biopsies. The fat also can be used to balance asymmetrical breasts.
  • Enough fat. Dr. Greenberg must liposuction a fair amount of fat from the abdomen, buttocks, flanks or thighs in order to fill the breasts. The best candidates usually have large hips and small breasts.
  • Good skin elasticity. Fat grafting adds fullness, but it cannot lift sagging breasts.
  • Realistic expectations. Since the body will reabsorb some of the added fat, it may be necessary to undergo an additional procedure.

Exploring alternative uses for fat from your liposuction

A fat transfer breast augmentation isn’t the only procedure that improves your figure by adding fat. The stem cells in fat increase collagen production and elasticity. The result is better skin tone and texture as well as a more youthful appearance.

  • Hands. Added fat can eliminate the look of bony joints, visible veins and age spots.
  • Face. Aging causes the loss of volume around the eyes, cheeks, mouth and jawline. These are all places where wrinkles can form. Synthetic dermal fillers can treat fine lines, but do not last as long as added fat.
  • Buttocks. Squats and lunges may not provide the desired roundness. If women have enough soft tissue looseness in their derrière, they can support the addition of fat cells. A fat transfer to the buttocks also can correct an asymmetrical appearance.
  • Vagina. Women can increase comfort and confidence by adding volume to their labia majora (outer lips of the vagina).

The best of both worlds

When you are ready to enhance your bosom with a fat transfer breast augmentation while whittling away excess fat on the lower half of your body with liposuction, contact Dr. Greenberg. Find out how this Frisco cosmetic surgeon is sculpting the bodies of women in Dallas, Plano and Frisco by reducing and reusing their existing fat.