Breast Lifts

North Texas Cosmetic Surgery Renews Self-image With Breast Lifts

Age, childbirth, breastfeeding and daily life can impact a woman’s body, specifically her breasts. The results can negatively affect the way a woman feels about how she looks. At North Texas Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Alan Greenberg offers breast lifts, also known as mastopexy. Sometimes, Dr. Greenberg recommends a breast lift in tandem with breast augmentation to help patients improve their self-confidence and body images.

Popularity of breast lift procedures rises

According to recent findings by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the number of breast lift procedures performed has increased by 70 percent in the last 14 years. Although breast augmentation is still the more common choice, many women are choosing breast lifts as a way to rejuvenate their figures. Breast lifts work to raise the breasts by removing excess skin, tightening the surrounding tissue and reshaping the breast contours.

When to consider a breast lift

Before recommending any cosmetic surgery, Dr. Greenberg will conduct a consultation appointment to discuss your personal goals. The ideal candidate for a breast lift has an adequate amount of breast tissue available, and may or may not want additional enhancement through breast augmentation. A breast lift is designed to create a more attractive silhouette.
Breast lifts can improve the appearance of your breast by:

  • Removing excess skin
  • Restoring symmetry
  • Reducing sagging
  • Repositioning the nipple and areola

Breast lifts combined with augmentation

In certain cases, Dr. Greenberg may suggest a breast lift combined with breast implants. With a breast lift, Dr. Greenberg tightens the tissue to produce a more appealing shape; however, this procedure does not add volume to your breasts. By including a breast implant with the breast lift, Dr. Greenberg can often generate the desired fullness and overall enhancement to their figures that our patients seek.

Dr. Greenberg utilizes tumescent anesthesia along with “twilight anesthesia” for breast lifts

Tumescent anesthesia provides a safe alternative to general anesthesia, with less risk of complications and faster recovery times. This type of anesthesia does not require hospitalization which lessens your expenses. Tumescent anesthesia also allows for less blood loss during surgery and less pain and post anesthesia “hangover” after surgery.

Look and feel your best with a breast lift

If gravity or motherhood has left you less than satisfied with your body, Dr. Greenberg can help you refresh your appearance and restore confidence. Contact our Plano area cosmetic surgery office to schedule a consultation appointment and learn more about the benefits of breast lifts and/or breast augmentation. We can tailor a detailed plan that fits your specific needs and objectives.


I would do it all over again!

“I decided it was time to have a breast lift and breast implants, and the difference is unbelievable—I’m very pleased. Dr. Greenberg gave me the shape and volume I was trying to achieve, and the staff was very helpful throughout the process. I was in and out within a few hours, the scars aren’t noticeable and the healing time went by before I knew it. I would do it all over again!”

– B.H.

I could not recommend Dr. Greenberg more highly

Before I met Dr. Greenberg I had endured 4 breast surgeries all in an effort to achieve a more youthful look as a result of aging. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge, reputation and most of all, his willingness to listen to what I wanted. Simply stated, after we discussed what he could do to meet my needs , Dr Greenberg performed my surgery and the result can be summed up in one word " perfection"!!

-Michelle Shreve